What is LCD? When you see L.C.D in reference to TV's, monitors and such it is referring to the "liquid crystal display" technology that is used.

If you are searching for cheap lcd televisions then you have probably done your homework on the average cost and for this reason have decided on buying a discount lcd tv. Depending on brands, size, age and clarity the average costs are not cheap LCD televisions can go for anywhere between approximately $250 and over $1,000. Below you will find some steps that you can take to ensure that your purchase is the right purchase.

What you Should Know Before Getting Cheap LCD Televisions

Where and what condition the discount lcd tv is found in can play an important role as to whether or not it will turn out to be a wise purchasing option. The standard methods one uses to find something such as cheap LCD televisions is to search out used, on sale and or refurbished or restored sets. Now all of these options can be viable for finding what you are looking for but there are notable differences.

Used: Often times you may hear that it worked fine the last time it was used and be able to find out when it was originally purchased and whether or not it is still covered by warranty. What is usually more difficult to find out is whether or not it has been previously repaired or tinkered with which can void any potential manufacturer warranty that it is covered by. However, if you are finding an lcd tv for a great discount and saving yourself hundreds then it may be worth it even if it only lasts you 6 months or a year.

Refurbished Restored: If the repairs are done directly by the manufacturer or a licensed and authorized person or company then you can feel a little more protected with your purchase of cheap LCD televisions. Often any restores that are done and then offered for sale as a discount LCD tv through these services are covered for a pre set length of time. Giving you some peace of mind that should you have any issues it will be fixed, replaced or made right in some other fashion.

On Sale: You probably won't find cheap LCD televisions whose prices match those of media units that are used or refurbished but you get the satisfaction of knowing the tv display is new and unused. Most often the reassurance that it is covered by the full original store and or manufacturer warranty or guarantee as well. So if your budget allows then get a discount LCD tv by visiting sales put on by authorized retailers and dealers.

Comparing Sizes, Brands and Models before Buying Cheap LCD Televisions

Do a quick review on the different makes, models, brands and sizes that are offered which use the LCD technology. Obviously you are not the first consumer to purchase one of these and therefore can have the knowledge accrued by previous users. These reviews and comparisons can teach you which units offer the best clarity of picture, sound and regular watching and functional experience.

If you purchase online then good sites will and should offer customer reviews right there without you having to search them out on your own. Amazon is one such site that offers easy to find alternatives, reviews and suggestions based on your product search and they do not delete negative user reviews.

This can be a great method to find out if the discount lcd tv that you are looking at has passed the test of time with other tv watchers as well as reviews of the different resellers the product is offered through. This may also open your eyes to better options and better models or brands that you were not previously looking at which can open the door to more savings and more selection for you the consumer.

Whoever you choose to go through just ensure that you've searched around and don't get caught unaware. After all it is more than your tv watching experience that you are putting out there it is also your money.

Protecting your Investment when you Find A Discount LCD TV

Just because you purchase cheap LCD televisions does not mean that the quality you get has to suffer or that it has to be a financial risk on your part. Request a full written warranty and guarantee by the seller whether it is an individual or company. Make sure that who ever is going to give you the unit at the advertised price is willing to stand fully behind the product that they are selling and willing to (worse case scenario) reimburse or replace the tv set should it fail to meet the standards of the verbalized or advertised condition of the LCD television in question.