Women have it easy. Especially when it comes to car insurance. Compared to male drivers, ladies are usually offered cheaper car insurance rates. Why? Because in the car insurance world, women have lower risk for accidents than men. Though popular belief contends that women will never be better drivers than men, they are, in fact, more careful, disciplined and focused. Studies and surveys show that women are less likely to get involved in automobile accidents than men; and car insurance providers smile upon that fact. Women are frugal too (again, contrary to popular belief). So if you're looking to find cheap ladies car insurance or if you want to lower the costs of your current coverage, here are some tips.

Check your driver's license for any fines and infractions - Before you apply for policies, don't delay in paying these fines off. Car insurance providers always look into a driver's record or driving history and use the information there as basis for your rates. The shinier your record, the better your rates.

Get quotes from companies that do not go through agents - Instead of getting quotes from car insurance salesmen or intermediary companies, go direct. By doing so, you skip over the 15% commission that most of these middlemen add to the cost of your insurance.

Gather multiple quotes for comparison - Don't settle for the first tempting deal that lands on your lap. The trick here is to gather quotes, pick the ones with the best deals and haggle, haggle, haggle. You'd be surprised at how many insurance providers are willing to tone down their prices once they find out how much their competition is offering you.

Remove policy extras that add to the cost of your coverage - Some lady driver car insurance packages contain perks like road assistance, towing services and other similar extras that may inadvertently add to the cost of your coverage. Though these perks are good, many products offer these benefits as well such as club memberships, mobile phone plans or even the company that employs you. Remove redundant perks from your insurance package and you'll surely get more greens out of it.

Revisit your health insurance package - If you already have great health insurance, it may already be giving you coverage that your car insurance policy is also trying to provide. Again, remove redundant perks and benefits.

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Acquire Pass Plus driving certification - Additional safe driving qualifications can help lower your risk; thus entitling you to more discounts on your coverage. You not only become a better driver, you get ridiculously cheaper car insurance for ladies.

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