Is Land Line Copper Service the Thing of the Past?

With the internet on the scene and all other VOIP technologies running as a result, it’s easier than ever to get cheap landline phone service.

The interesting fact however, is that many states are lobbying to be done with landline service for once and for all. It’s the 95 year old copper technology that may end up be dying on the vine. But as of this publication, all states still provide landline service via copper technology and without the internet.

By just calling up your local wireline company, you can inquire about copper landline service without internet. In many cases it starts at around $20 dollars a month, of course, the more services added on top of that, the more expensive it becomes. Add on landline services like voicemail, caller id, call waiting, long distance, is what can make your phone bill less cheap. But many people still want the reliability of a copper wireline service and for good reasons.Cheap Land Line Phone Service

Most people with a security system don’t like the idea of running that system over a broadband or VOIP telephone service. What happens if there is an internet outage or worse yet a power outage? Though most, security systems that need telephony services to call an emergency dispatch center now run off of battery backup and even some wireless service. Battery backups don’t last forever and in the cases of prolonged power outage, having a reliable unattached wireline service is what sets most people’s mind at ease.

But there are other options, even if you decide that the old copper technology is not what you want.

Alternative Telephone Providers

Firstly, let’s start off with the obvious choice, your wireless phone. In fact, nearly 25-30% of all homes today don’t have a land line phone. So if you really wanted to get a cheap landline phone alternative you could consider a wireless phone all together. And lucky there are some really cheap cell phone providers. In fact, most cell phone companies have all you can eat voice plans that start at around $25 or $30 dollars a month. What gets really expensive obviously is your device and data plans. And with voice riding data infrastructure for most cellular companies today, that’s where you get taken to the bank, adding on data services on top of voice.


Most people forget that Skype is still a great way to make calls. There are also headset devices that make talking on your Skype phone just like talking on your other voice devices. You should though consider speed and the amount of devices connected to your router before you consider if Skype should be your alternative phone option. Skype services start at around $10 dollars.


Vonage is another service similar to Skype but with fax and voice services that ride over your internet. Vonage also has perfected their device offering and has made it possible to connect virtually any landline phone up to your router to speak starting at around $10 dollars a month.

Digital Cable Broadband Service

Another way to leverage that cable that may frustrate you from month to month is to bundle your voice services.  Never estimate your ability to negotiate for a better rate. When choosing to bundle your landline, internet and cable services. Most wireline, cable and wireless companies have customer win back departments. And when you are ready to go or even think you are, demand to get your bill reduced by bundling, or simply asking for a cheaper rate.

There you have it, it is now more possible than ever to get cheap landline phone service. Start with your traditional wireline company and ask for a copper line. The less bells and whistles the cheaper it will be. Remember though, that many wireline companies today are lobbying congress to no longer provide the copper service, forcing many over to fiber. But as of this posting, you still have the option to try your wireline company first for a cheap copper line.

Work your way to some of the broadband and VOIP options if you still can’t get your wireline company to get you the least expensive alternative.