Benefits and Options for Cheap Laptop Computers

The cost of a new standard use laptop typically starts at around $300, with very few choices, and increases to over $1000 depending on size, computer brand, features, memory and so on. Setting out to look for cheap laptop computers often means looking for refurbished laptops for sale, used systems or systems that are new but contain the bare minimums as far as functions, programs and features.

Obviously if you are looking for something with a strict budget in mind you are less likely to be wooed by fancy features and functions that are not needed. You also open yourself up to more possibilities such as refurbished laptops that can in the end save you hundreds of dollars.

Your Options for Cheap

  • New with clear purpose
  • Refurbished
  • Used


Figuring out your Needs before Searching Cheap Laptop Computers

Before you jump in your car or jump online to start shopping for new, used or refurbished laptops for sale you want to first establish which needs and expectations you have for a laptop. Some considerations and the features they may require :

Keeping in touch with friends and family - basic requirements are internet access, email accessibility and possibly word or similar notebook features.Gaming - Online gaming is going to be best done on a computer that is fast, video card, high resolution or HD display for best graphics view, large enough screen to accommodate true gaming action, good sound quality, upgradeable memory and speed if applicable.

Working - a lot of work that can be handled on a computer will require several programs such as word, excel, powerpoint, office, email, internet etc. So you would look for cheap laptop computers that have a good amount of ram and gigs for uploading, saving and downloading data and programs, ones that possibly have these programs installed already (the packaged version of these programs new can cost around $100) and a computer that is portable for work on the go.

Refurbished Laptops for Sale

Refurbished laptops are ones that were most likely previously malfunctioning or old that were then taken apart by a professional and restored to working condition with new or upgraded parts. Depending on where you purchase often times you can get a warranty that is comparable to one you'd get on a new portable computer, get a system that operates as good if not better - all the while spending a whole lot less. 

Where to Find Refurbished Laptops for Sale

There are many places to go to find reconditioned or restored laptops. You can go direct to the dealer or authorized dealers - i.e. Dell, HP, Toshiba - and often find a selection of laptops that have been refurbished by the manufacturer or company directly. Sometimes these systems will not offer major discounts over new prices but the warranties are sometimes better then what you will find elsewhere. is probably one of the best places to check for cheap laptop computers as they have hundreds if not thousands of listings for nearly any brand or functionality that you can think of and offer price comparisons right there in most of their listings. They also offer seller reviews and have clear expectations of what is expected from companies selling on their platform. Amazon often offers free or seriously discounted shipping to its customers as well and policies that are easy for a consumer to understand.

Another option is to check online in your free classifieds such as craigslist or your local newspaper. Often you can find companies offering refurbished laptops for sale and through those listings you can easily compare costs as well as check out the companies policies for warranties and their BBB standings. A quick online search can also offer up reviews by previous customers which can give great insight.

Ebay is another option as they have long time dealers who list refurbished computers regularly in their ebay stores. These sellers with sizable numbers and good scores require positive feedback to continue selling on this platform and to abide by ebay's new stringent seller rules. These companies have to basically put all their fine print in their listing from defects to return policies giving you all the information you should need right at your fingertips. On occasion you will find the these sellers are offering systems that are refurbished direct from the manufacturing companies as well.

Note: It is always important for you to do your homework before making a big purchase, such as a laptop computer. Though most often you will find refurbished laptops that function as well as a newer computer and last just as long, the seller can make a world of difference. Check reviews, stick to manufacturers or sites that are easy to find customer reviews on.