I am sure that everyone is trying to buy the cheapest laptop possible, it is quite obvious, since it is possible to find an outstanding deal from time to time, but there are a few things that you should be aware of before purchasing a second hand notebook it basically is the same thing as getting an used car, you need to watch out for all the details.

The very first thing you have to make sure is that the laptop in question is not stolen. If my memory serves me well, Lenovo has had a system that tracks stolen laptop serial numbers and when the new owner takes it to service they ask a few uncomfortable questions. There are other brands that keep track of stolen laptops they made, before buying an unit you can ring the helpline and ask about the past of a product by referring to the serial number.

If the laptop turns out to be from a legal source you can still be in for an unpleasant surprise if you do not pay due attention to the details. Search for crachks, scratches, dead pixels on the screen or casing and don't buy the laptop if it has cracks on its body as you are risking to further damage it even with the slightest knock. Something that is already broken can be permanently bricked much more easily than something that is not. The screen should have no cracks or smudges whatsoever, if there are any dirt on it, you should clean it before buying. Some people are getting creative at hiding problems with the laptop for sale. Also check if there is any warranty left, if none, factor it in. The keyboard can have so much rubbish in it you can't imagine. Bits of nails, hair, crumbs and dead insects just to name a few.

Hard drives are easily damaged in a laptop due to the mobile nature. Run at least one test to make sure you aren't buying a timebomb that is going to die on you the next week. Dust in the laptop hard drive or former dropping of the notebook can cause such problems that they develop over time and corrupt your data. These are the things you can keep an eye on when you get the chance to evalue the product in person, but on auction sites the best you can do is to find somebody with 99% positive feedback as that is the best way to ensure that the laptop for sale is as described.