It really is quite possible to get laptops under 200 dollars, but you may have to do a little searching. This is a little harder price point than 500 and 400 bucks, but you will still have some options available. In fact, if you do this whole thing right, you could actually get a new name brand unit for about 100 bucks. Let's dive into where you should look, and what types of things you can try to get nice laptops under 200 dollars in your local area.

Should I go used?




This is really a personal choice more than anything else, but if you are comfortable with a used laptop under 200 dollars, you should go for it. Before you decide to take the plunge into a used computer, however, you should know about some other options you have to get new, although sometimes factory refurbished, laptops under 200 dollars. Here are a few places to consider on your search for a cheap computer or notebook when used is for you.  Before you go used, you might want to see if you qualify for free computers for low income families. 




Auction sites: You can visit online auction sites like eBay where you should have no problem finding used or factory refurbished laptops under 200 dollars. In fact, if you get lucky enough to find an auction with little bidding, you may even get it for less than 100. It's a great place to look for cheap notebooks and computers.

Downtown: Computer repair centers are a great place to find used laptops under 200 dollars. Many of the notebooks are refurbished, although not by the factory, and made to work just like new. Sometimes you can find exceptional deals when you keep your eyes open for cheap computers and notebooks. Take a look through your phone book and call some of the repair centers in your area. You just may get a great deal.




Factory Refurbished:




You will occasionally find "new" laptops under 200 dollars by searching for factory refurbished units. Many manufacturers have their own sites dedicated solely to unloading their factory refurbished models. This can give you, the consumer, a great chance to save some serious money. Here are some manufacturers that have their own site, where you can score laptops under 200 dollars.

Dell: You will need to sift around a bit, so you can get into the less expensive notebooks. Many of the deals are in the 400 and 500 range, but you can occasionally find laptops under 200 dollars. They have what's called the Dell scratch and dent computer section, which sells returns, which are certified to be running effectively, factory refurbished notebooks, and even some notebooks with some slight cosmetic damage. Not only will you save tons of money, but you'll also receive your items in new packaging, all needed manuals, and a full warranty. It's really a great site to check out for laptops under 200 dollars.

HP: Visit for a crack at laptops under 200 dollars. They have a refurbished section on their site as well, where you can buy factory refurbished notebooks and computers really cheap. Some of the models will be customer returns, but they are certified to work and come with a warranty. This gives you a great chance to save money on your next computer. Be sure to check out the HP deals when you search for laptops under 200 dollars, so you can figure out who has the cheapest computers online.

eMachines: In addition to the other manufacturers, you should check out the emachines website. They have a "special deals of the week" page which may give you a chance to find laptops under 200 dollars. In addition, this manufacturer also has their own section for factory refurbished computers and notebooks. This may be the opportunity you are looking to find when searching for laptops under 200 dollars. You never know what may show up there, so be sure to check back often.

Gateway: The Gateway site is a decent place to look for laptops under 200 dollars. You will need to sift through various notebooks and computers beyond your price range, but you can occasionally find one that fits the bill. When you are searching for exceptional deals on new and factory refurbished notebooks, you will really need to take any and all options in account.  You can even find sites that sell Gateway computers for bad credit buyers.

At the retail stores?




It's actually possible to pick up great laptops under 200 dollars at large retail store, like Wal-Mart. Generally speaking, most of them made by eMachines or Acer are going to run in the 300 to 400 range, but if you can find one on clearance, you can meet your goal. These are very basic notebooks, in most cases, but they do give you a great opportunity to save tons of money on your purchase. It's one of the few brands where you have a fighting chance to get new laptops under 200 dollars. It really pays to catch the deals at large chains when the new models come out. This is when they slash the prices on the old notebooks and computers, giving you a chance to land of the laptops under 200 dollars.

Before you leave the retail store, talk to the sales manager about a discount on one of the lower priced floor models. Since these have been taken out of the box and touched by all the customers, it's possible to get laptops under 200 dollars this way. You never really know how big of a discount the store is willing to offer you unless you ask. In some cases, it may even be wise to have them take your name and number, and ask them to call if they have floor model laptops under 200 dollars. It's worth a try when you are on such a tight budget.

Be careful:




You will find many online sites offering laptops under 200 dollars. Some of the sites will claim they are selling factory refurbished notebooks, when they are just used and cleaned up a bit. Make sure you are very diligent if you decide to purchase from any online company, so you don't fall prey to a scam. As long as you use some common sense, you should be okay. Good luck shopping for your new electronics.


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