Large Floor Mirrors - Modern, Contemporary, or Antique Decoration

Large floor mirrors can make an imposing statement in any room. Their sheer size and scope of large floor mirrors can either overwhelm a space or tastefully and quietly lend the room its brilliance. It's easy to make mistakes with mirrors, and we're not even talking about feng-shui. The good news is they're also easy to spot and correct, challenging and encouraging you put a shine on your decorative and designing skills.

Since floor mirrors are placed directly on the floor, they don't need to be installed and can easily be moved from one room to another. Instead of thinking that floor mirrors are permanent installments, think of them as a moveable decorative accent. Functionally, almost all mirrors will reflect light and color back into the room, doubling your visual pleasure while calling attention to its own position and location.

Top Three Things to Consider

Opt for hard, sturdy and durable frames. Wood and metal frames are classic choices, but these days, some beautiful heavy plastic resin and fiberglass frames are also making their way into the market. Be a responsible homeowner though, and check whether or not the manufacturers have been environmentally responsible with their exciting, new products...

Opt for easy and light neutrals in the color of your frame. With wooden frames, you can expect them to be painted in all the colors of the rainbow. You can just go for a protective finish which allows the grain of the wood to work its charm. Avoid brightly colored or patterned styles. Another great neutral choice is a metallic finish on wood. You can create antique-looking styles, from burnished finishes to glossy chromes, both of which look great with a wide array of base paint colors. Of course, metal frames can be re-touched with metallic highlights as well.

Examine carefully the quality of the glass and the metallic backing of mirrors. Make sure that there are nor distortions in the reflection; small chips or imperfections in the glass. Small imperfections can grow obvious with the passage of time, magnifying irregularities.

Location, Location, Location

When choosing where to put your mirror, it is important to remember that it will be set on the floor. You should avoid putting it in places often passed by people, so that the mirror won't be bumped into accidentally. Commonly people put large floor mirrors at the end of hallways, but this crowds the hallway and opposes its main function, which is to allow an unobstructed flow of people coming from and going to rooms.

Make sure the floor itself is safe and slip free. There should be enough space between you and the mirror so you can admire your image from top to toe without any problems. There should be enough space enough for you to turn around in, and comfortably take a few steps. The floor should be clean but not slippery, and provide enough traction for the mirror to hold its own, as well as facilitate reflecting a gaggle of stiletto-heeled girlfriends checking themselves out before going out.

Make sure there's distance enough so you don't have to hold your head in weird positions to see your own reflection. Standing too close distorts the image and reduces visibility, so position the mirror where it can be seen at a distance.
You should be able to see from your feet to your head and have some space above the head. Feng-shui say this space represents your room for progress.

Also, avoid positioning your mirror at great angles. For the best and most practical results, place your mirror as close to an upright and vertical orientation as possible. This will allow you to see how your footwear looks, and allows you to check on your pants cuffs or hemline and heels easily before you head off.

Speaking of Feng-Shui

Ancient Chinese wisdom about the movement of energy within our living spaces, and their effect on our relations must work, after all look at where China is now. It wouldn't hurt to consider some of the most popular advice about mirrors and their uses.

Since the mirror is a water element, its reflective property mirroring that of water, it is best to place large floor mirrors in the Southeast, North and East. This improves health and family in the East, wealth in the Southeast and career in the Northern placements.

Avoid placing large floor mirrors directly across from the front door of the house. These reflect the chi or good life energy from coming in through that portal, the most important source of energy for the whole house.

Do put a mirror on the right side of the front door if you wish to invite more opportunities into your home life.

The idealized house shape is supposedly a square or rectangle, but not all houses are, are they? Placing large floor mirrors against the wall where your house misses a space or corner, restores the four right angles of your home, creating the illusion of more space, filling it in, strengthening the entire space.

Large floor mirrors in the bedroom are not recommended, because they aren't conducive to a restful nights sleep. They can reflect back to you old ideas and feeling, which make you feel "stuck." You'd want to keep bedrooms still and restful, to give you energy to move on after waking up. The practical view encourages you to exercise more prudence - mirrors can reflect your bedroom activities to strangers looking in from the outside, which won't make you feel very safe or secure.

Remember that mirrors double what they reflect. A large floor mirror that reflects good things will duplicate them, so you will have a lot of goodness in your life. Act with ever more love and gratitude toward others, and this will overflow, mirrored back into your life!