7 Nights In Las Vegas with round trip tickets for $171.00 including all fees and taxes. This is the deal I found on Expedia. For $171.00 I get round trip tickets from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas Nevada and 7 nights at the El Cortez Hotel.

I was pricing airline tickets and Las Vegas hotel combinations on Expedia as I do a lot and was excited when I ran across this price. Last night I found this Las Vegas Vacation combo on Expedia and it was priced at $220. A few minutes ago I checked the price again and it had dropped to $171.00.

This trip leaves out of Salt Lake City which is the closest major airport to where I live. You get 7 nights and 8 days in Sin City to do as you please. For the cheap price of the Las Vegas vacation you can have more money to spend on other items while on vacation in Las Vegas.

The sad part is I can not afford to book the tour package yet. If only Expedia took PayPal payments I would be set.

Cheap Las Vegas Vacation

Expedia is a fun travel website to surf. I spend a lot of time pricing out various destinations but the bulk of my Expedia research consists of pricing 7 nights with round trip tickets to Las Vegas. This particular Las Vegas Vacation has you flying out on June 1st and checking into the El Cortez hotel upon your arrival. You get a full 7 nights in their low cost hotel rooms. Your check out date and departure is June 9th.Downtown Las Vegas

This particular Las Vegas package is perfect for me for many reasons. The first reason this Vegas Vacation is so cheap is that the room you get at the El Cortez is the hotel rooms that have not been remodeled yet. The El Cortez Hotel in Las Vegas has recently undergone an extensive remodeling. The rooms that are available for this cheap Vegas trip are the rooms that have not been remodeled yet. You can upgrade the room you get at the El Cortez but that defeats the whole purpose of my cheap Vegas vacation. I plan on spending my time at the various Las Vegas Museums, Hoover Dam, riding the city bus, and walking Fremont Street enjoying the downtown light shows that are free. I will gamble but I will probably spend more time eating at the buffets and snacking on Shrimp Cocktail.

The El Cortez is located in the heart of the historic downtown Las Vegas area. I always stay at the downtown area. I like the downtown Las Vegas area so much more than the Strip. I actually prefer the El Cortez over the Bellagio Hotel and Casino on the Vegas Strip.

The flight from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas is a very short trip...Normally. With my trip I always select the cheapest options. In this case the flight from Salt Lake City heads to Long Beach California and then I fly to Las Vegas. It is the same on the return trip. I prefer the indirect flight pattern as I do not get too fly very often and this gives me more time in the air sipping Ginger Ale. As the old saying goes "It is the journey not the destination."

If you like to travel check out Expedia on a regular basis for your favorite destination. I hope I can still book this Las Vegas Vacation in a few weeks but if it is no longer available I will still find a cheap Las Vegas Vacation. Sometime this summer I will be going to Las Vegas on vacation and as always I will book my Las Vegas vacation with Expedia.

Image Credits: Fremonts Street (Flickr/Gilles92) Expedia Vegas Screenshot (Ernie)