I'm sure that unless you have been living under a rock for all these years then you are well aware of the Lego Universe. Who would have imagined that these little plastic building block sets would evolve into such an empire that they now have their own cartoons and video games off of the figures and sets. It really is amazing but makes sense because children often enjoy the simplest things in life.

But as simple as these items are they are coming with an increased price tag these days due to the demand. So here today we are gonna talk about some cheap Lego Star Wars mini figures and sets. Whether you are looking to purchase these cheap with the intent to resell or simply want to build upon your great collection make sure and look into the things mentioned in this article.

The easiest way that I have found to go about getting cheap Lego Star Wars mini figures is to search for lots on eBay. That is the beauty of the site is that there are so many units that go up for sale that you can find a steal on occasion. Especially when people put up lots that have a large amount of items. Many people won't even bother to give them a look even though sometimes there might be a single piece in the set worth more than the asking price for the entire set of pieces.

While eBay may be the easiest you can find better deals for cheap Lego Star Wars mini figures on Craigslist. Now as you can imagine there will be less to choose from on those pages but they are almost certain to be cheaper in terms of price. Another positive thing is that you will have alot less competition on that site. But then again on the negative end you often have to travel to go buy the items which can cut into the costs depending on where you live at in relation to the seller.

In my personal experience buying and selling things online some of my best bargains have been found at yard and estate sales. The same holds true for finding cheap Lego Star Wars mini figures. Just check the local papers for yard or estate sales that seem to have a considerable amount of children's toys or items. In the past I have bought bags and boxes of old legos for next to nothing at certain sales.

Another small possibility to keep in mind when searching for cheap Lego Star Wars mini figures and other building sets are small toy stores. If you look around sometimes these places go out of business and have sales with extreme discounts right before they close their doors. It isn't unusual to go into these businesses and find sets as much as 60-80% off of the sticker price.

Just make sure that you research well before spending money online. You don't want to overpay for something that could have been bought in better condition brand new for a slightly higher sales price. So good luck to everybody and just remember to look around and keep on building that Lego empire.