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Cheap Mac Computers

Apple Mac computers are one of the most expensive computers on the market. Anyone who has watched their television commercials has heard the Mac claim that they are faster, stronger, and last longer than their PC competition. Mac computers are not usually considered cheap; however, there are ways to save money on Macbooks, iMacs, mini Macs, and other Apple Macintosh computers. Discount Mac computers are an excellent idea for those who want to buy a Mac without paying the full price. Consumers interested in savings or those switching to a Mac computer should consider the cheaper, refurbished Mac laptops, Certified Pre-owned Macbook, or used Mac computers.

Refurbished Mac Pro: Apple Desktop Computers

Used and refurbished Mac desktop computers are one of the few ways to actually save money when purchasing a Mac. Refurbished Mac computers have gone through a process that ensures the computer has been checked over and is in excellent condition and working order. Thinking of refurbishing as a restoring process is a great comparison. As a person restores an old vehicle or an antique to new condition they replace parts, fix anything, and it's hard to tell that once it was not brand new. Apple Macbooks and Mac desktop computers labeled "Apple Certified" have gone through a rigorous assessment process so you get deals on Mac computers. Discounts equal cheaper Mac computers.

A cheap Mac computer that is Apple Certified and refurbished is the FC183LL/A Refurbished Mac Pro. This Mac Pro has 2.98Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon "Nehalem" processor, and two 18x DVD SuperDrives that read, write, and play cds. One of the only ways to save any money on iMac Desktops, Power Mac G4 Desktops, Power Mac G5 Desktops, or other Mac desktop computer is to buy one that has been refurbished. Apple computers are not regularly on sale. Choose the Mac desktop computer that meets your needs and get a more affordable Mac computer.

Refurbished Mac Laptops

Mac laptops are great investments. What is great about buying a cheap Mac computer is that it allows you to save money on your investment, a goal by many regardless of what they are buying. Getting a refurbished Mac laptop will enable you to choose from any of the cheap Mac computers, including the Macbooks that also come refurbished from Apple. When these refurbished Macbooks go through the refurbishing process they are set to their original factory settings and tested to insure the product that you take home with you is in top condition.

Purchasing a discount Mac computer due to refurbishment saves consumers money. Saving money on computers and other electronics is usually a customer goal. These reduced price Macbooks and other Mac computers are smart purchases because the quality is that of buying new Mac computer. Most of the refurbished Macbooks and other Apple computers are Apple Certified Refurbished Products.

Where, When and How to Buy Cheap Mac Computers?

Before you start shopping for a cheap Mac computer make sure you know what you want. Whether you are getting a desktop or laptop you can find a discount Mac computer. Oftentimes, you can also save money on laptop accessories as well. A couple of places should top your shopping list as far as where to buy.

  • Amazon. Shopping at Amazon offers customers protection they cannot get many other places. Whether it's a discount Mini Mac computer or a Macbook, if it's purchased from Amazon then it's usually double guaranteed (by Amazon and Apple or other seller). Cheap, used Mac computers are offered through Amazon by a variety of sellers, including Apple. Computers and other products are sold by Amazon or through them. Amazon serves as a storefront for many verified vendors, and is why they have practically everything, including competitor items like the new or refurbished Apple iPad. Refurbished and pre-owned Mac computers like a Certified Pre-Owned Power Mac can be purchased from Apple through the Amazon website. Refurbished Macbooks and other discount Mac computers are usually in a rotating inventory. As Apple refurbishes or offer another Certified Pre-owned Mac computer it will come up for sale through Amazon. Amazon has the best prices on many items and they offer free shipping on a lot of their inventory. If you are shopping for the cheapest Mac computer and the lowest price is not at Amazon, email them. They scour the internet for the cheapest prices and try to match or beat that lowest price offer. If the Macintosh computer is a gift then consider giving a non-expiring Amazon gift card, if the specific Mac computer is out of stock. Their gift cards offer many denominations for all occasions (email, Facebook, and regular mail delivery options, free overnight express shipping), and can be given in lieu of the Apple computer .
  • Mac outlet stores or the Apple stores. Malls usually have an Apple store and some have both Apple and Mac outlet stores. There are Mac outlets stores online as well. The Apple store carries discount, used Mac computers and refurbished Macbooks, and other Mac products. Apple stores may not have the cheapest Mac computers though, depending on time of year, as stores like Fry's Electronics, Staples, Walmart, Target, Amazon, NewEgg, and other electronics stores try to beat their prices, especially during holiday shopping sales or Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers. Back to school shopping for college students also brings about price competitions and is an excellent time to look for a cheap Mac laptop or desktop.
  • Overstock is another excellent place to look for discount Mac computers. Refurbished, gently used, and overstocked merchandise is what makes this store, and they carry thousands of items and offer an auction.

Tips for Buying Cheap Mac Computers

Apple products and Mac computers are not cheap products and rarely referred to as cheap. Macbooks and iMacs can be bought at a discount if the consumer wants to purchase a more affordable computer. Whether it is for a gift, personal use, business use, or for a college student who needs an affordable student computer, shopping refurbished is the way to go even if in the end the best deal is a customer review refurbished HP laptop rather than a Macintosh computer.

Make sure the used or refurbished Mac computer comes with a warranty. Amazon offers some returns, but read their policy wherever the product is sold. Apple Certified Pre-owned Mac computers come with a one year warranty. After buying the right computer make sure to get a laptop messenger bag. Carefully consider which laptop accessories are necessary when purchasing a new computer. Many in store sales clerks will try to sell a printer with the computer. Cheap Mac computers get expensive when unnecessary accessories are purchased. However, the money saved by buying a discount Apple computer can open up the wallet for extras that make computing easier. Saving money is smart shopping.