Regardless of a woman being pregnant or not most want to be able to find cheap maternity tees and tops that are presentable, wearable, expandable and fashionable. Maternity clothes have come a long ways over the last 30-40 years or so. Pregnant women still want to be comfortable while carrying their babies for 9 months and want to feel like they are in t-shirts and tops that are not expensive and will grow with them as they go through multiple stages of pregnancy, luckily locating discount maternity t-shirts and tops are relatively easy to find when being creative and resourceful.

 Best Places to Find Discount Maternity Clothing: Tees and Tops

  1. Check online for new maternity online stores like Totsy. Often times they have steep discounts of up to 90% and sometimes more particularly in off seasons. For example the best time to find a cheap maternity t-shirt and top is in the winter, when demand is at it's lowest and online maternity retailers are looking to move older merchandise. The sad thing is that many pregnant women looking for inexpensive clothes often discount online retailers thinking they are too expensive, when in actuality they aren't at the right time of year. So be open to finding great deals at maternity shops online including Totsy and Peas In a Pod. Also remember to get on these store's mailing lists to be reminded of even better deals.

  2. Visit Liquidation Sites like Overstock for Cheap maternity Tees and Tops: Overstock and stores like them are set up when a merchandiser orders too much of one thing or worse yet even goes out of business. This is bad news for the maternity online or offline company, but even better news for you. You could possibly score inexpensive maternity tops for pennies on the dollar, if you look close enough.

  3. Host a Maternity Exchange Party for Free Maternity Tees: If you know a lot of new mommy's or even mothers who have older children, many may have maternity tees and tops you could score for free. These parties are mutually beneficial in that women are getting rid of what they don't want and other expecting mothers who want cheap or free tees and tops are able to pick them up. Often times you could set up a little boutique in your own home and invite all your mommy neighbors. Or if you belong to clubs or other associations that mothers are in, you can cast a wider net to invite them too. 

  4. Visit the Goodwill or Thrift for Cheap Maternity Clothes: Most people often discount the goodwill as well when it comes to scoring cheap maternity t's and shirts. But a goodwill is often one of the best places to locate inexpensive pregnancy shirts. Many people also believe that the goodwill is often challenging especially when pregnant, but many goodwills now are online and are even better organized than they once were in the past. 

  5. Ebay for Inexpensive Maternity Shirts and Tops: When all else fails ebay can be one of the best places to get cheap maternity tees and shirts. You could even go to all of the expired listings and offer the seller 40-50% off of what the original listing price was. Many sellers are just open to getting rid of items quickly that don't sell like maternity shirts.

Other places to get cheap or even free pregnancy clothing and tee shirts:

  •  Church
  • Family members
  • Yard sales
  • Target and Kmart