Cheap medical scrubs for men are one of the most sought-after types of medical apparel. Although medical garments of this type are described as a mans style, some are so basic in design that women can wear them too. The difference between scrub tops and pants for guys or girls is that female scrubs come in more patterns. Some medical uniform companies offer unisex scrubs for both men and women. * See Dickies Everyday Tops Or Bottoms For Men Below*

 Uniform Separates Come In Multiple Sizes

Not only do these garments come in solid colors, they come in much bigger sizes for the extra tall, extra big guy. It is a good thing that these uniforms are designed to fit loosely on the body. They can be one of the most carefree and comfortable of all work-related uniforms. Most scrub tops have a v-neck for non-binding comfort. Scrub pants have that recognizable drawstring waist, although they are available elasticized as well. The arm holes are large and loose for freedom of movement.

Choosing  Professional Medical Garments Based On Vocation

Some vocations recognize their medical staff by the color of the garments they wear. Some are required to wear dark blue, some make their students or staff members wear nothing but green. Nursing homes and other healthcare facilities may not care what color the scrubs are as long they are professional-looking and fit in with the company dress code policy. Even prison inmates wear them. This apparel is popular because it is easy to wear and even easier to care for.

Financially-Challenged Students Need Cheap Medical Scrubs 

Any student who is in college and struggling to pay tuition fees, book fees and living expenses needs to find affordable, yet good-quality medical supplies and apparel. Even taking classes as a paraprofessional nursing assistant requires the purchase of a scrub uniform, nursing shoes, stethoscope, watch, and blood pressure cuff. It all adds up for a student.

Who Sells Discount Scrubs For Men Online?

Because medical scrubs for men are a specialty garment, not every town in the country will have  an affordable medical apparel shop nearby. A student on a budget can begin by asking their school instructor where to buy a cheap uniform. Those who are already working in the healthcare profession can find some great bargains online at They offer free shipping over a certain amount and have a nice selection of Med Man scrub tops and pants in great colors for men.

One of the best deals online that I found for low-priced apparel in this range are the garments made by The Dickies Company and sold through Their Everyday Drawstring version is very affordable and both man or women can wear them. Below are just a few of the styles they offer.

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Dickies Men's Everyday Scrub Top
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