Metal Flower Pots for Your Home or Patio

Metal flower pots are available in sizes and shapes to be used indoors and out and can be adorned in many ways to accent the existing decor or changed to suit holidays and seasons. These pots often are used with either a terra cotta pot placed inside or with a plastic liner. Metal flower pots are also often created from items found around the home.

Choosing Metal Flower Pots

Choosing metal flower pots such as ones that are painted red, white and blue or with a Christmas or summer theme to accentuate the holidays is one option when shopping for metal flower pots. They are often decorated with sunflowers but may also have been formed into whimsical designs such as frogs or butterflies. These pots are very unique and add a lot of character whether they are used in the garden or in the home. They may be created from old buckets or from cast asides such as copper and metal teapots, kettles and pans.

Metal flower pots are one medium which allow for true expression in the garden. Items such as an entire hanging assembly created from metal and featuring one or more metal flower pots are commonly found. Shapes that combine a stand, such as a faux washbowl are another option as are pots which feature a combination of metal and other products to create unique concepts and designs.

The shapes of metal flower pots run a wide range, very modern designs are found, as are designs such as extremely large models of pots to create a contemporary look. They are available in planter boxes as well as miniatures. Choosing metal flower pots will bring a visual delight with each experience as they are so numerous and unique. The painted style of a galvanized bucket is a very simple but popular design and is easy to change throughout the seasons.

Shopping for Metal Flower Pots

Shopping for metal flower pots online will be a very pleasant experience although it could prove time consuming due to the literally thousands that are available. It is one time that it might well be worth looking at the selections prior to formulating an definite idea of the style desired as each new page will delight the viewer with more choices. Most are available in more than one size and several can be ordered at one to create a complete collection. Or the purchaser may choose to mix and match in various types of metal, design or sizes. Metal flower pots can be used to accent a fun and eccentric garden or to create a very traditional garden setting.

Local shopping sources for metal flower pots will include stops at garden centers and discount stores which may offer a seasonal collection. Local home decorating boutiques are another source for metal flower pots when shopping locally as are second hand stores and possibly antique or furniture stores. Another local option for metal flower pots is to transform a worn out kettle or tea pot into a simple planter or of course a painted metal bucket can be created.

Prices for Metal Flower Pots

The prices for metal flower pots are generally relatively inexpensive. A very simple pot can be found online for 10 dollars which whimsically showcases feet that appear to be walking off with the pot. A brass flower pot which features coordinating brass flowers and a clock is offered for the same price. The fairy metal flower pot holder mentioned earlier in the article is available for 105 dollars while a copper and brass jardinière style pot can be found for approximately 53 dollars. Both the size and the type of metal that the metal flower pot is made from will affect the actual price whether shopping online or locally. A washstand style holder and pot created from wrought iron and black painted metal is available for 40 dollars online as well. Very large decorative pieces may run into the 200 dollar range when created with accents of brass and copper.

Choosing metal flower pots might take some time and shopping but they will reward the time spent with a durable and visually appealing product. These planters will last for many years and are generally able to be used in most climates including increment weather. They may develop dents and dings throughout the years which add to the character but should not affect the function. Whether choosing a funky whimsical design or a traditional piece the metal flower pots will add interest to the garden where they are placed.