You look outside from your office, and you see the wind and snow blustering. You brave the cold and get on all your winter gear and head out the door to your car, and you have to walk through that cold snow and slush to get there. Your designer boots are letting in all that cold and wet, and by the time you get home, your feet are ice. Enter the microwavable slippers.

These are basically cozy and soft slippers that you pop in the microwave, and out come warm slippers. Stick those frozen toes of yours into the heated slippers and you will feel wonderful! You will feel instantly relaxed. What a great concept for those cold feet!

These microwavable slippers are great on a cold day, or if you are trying to keep the heat down in your house to save some money. You can put on an extra sweater and then microwave these special slippers that will keep your feet warm. If your feet are warm, the rest of you tends to feel nice and warm. Make yourself a cup of herbal tea and take a break with your warm slippers on, and let the stress slip away.

These specially designed microwavable slippers, retain their heat for a long time too. You can get them in different styles, such as regular slippers or slipper boots as well.



Microwavable Heated Herbal Lavender Slippers
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(price as of Mar 29, 2016)
Intelex Cozy Body Slippers, Cream
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(price as of Mar 29, 2016)

You can get these at Amazon online as pictured above.

Many styles are also infused with lavender, so that when they are warmed up, the aroma promotes relaxation as well. These microwavable slippers are easy to care for, and are very soft and comfortable. Pamper your feet with some warmth.

If you are trying to set up a home spa, with self pampering products such as a spa robe, foot bath and scrubs, then these would make the perfect addition. They are affordable and a great concept, especially if you tend to suffer from chilled or cold feet. If you have sore feet or arthritic feet, these microwavable slippers can help you with warmth.

So, if you want to have warm feet when you first get home or when you first get up, you can throw them in the microwave and feel great. If on the other hand you are hot footed, and are looking for some icy cold slippers, you can also freeze or cool these slippers. They are very versatile.

These would also make great gifts for the women in your life.  Your whole body just seems to feel better and more relaxed when your feet are snuggly.    Have a few pair around so you can have a spa day with your friends.  

If you are on your feet all day, then having these to look forward to when you get home is divine.  Add a cup of tea and your transition from work to home is complete.  Pamper yourself and your mood will lift too.