Mini wireless spy cameras are small enough to keep hidden and out of reach from others noticing that they're being recorded on camera. There are quite a few advantages to buying a mini wireless hidden spy camera. For one they're cheap compared to full sized surveillance cameras. Cheap mini wireless spy cameras won't cost you too much money. You can find some mini spy cameras well under a hundred dollars. You can even find a good portion of mini wireless surveillance spy cameras going for under fifty dollars online. Wireless surveillance cameras are easy to set up on your own. If you suspect your wife or husband is cheating on you, or you want to keep an eye on the nanny, your children, etc... A good mini wireless spy camera shows and tells everything that goes on in your home, or office, whenever you're away. They can make for good security cameras as well. Small cameras can usually transmit between a 100 feet to 300 feet, or more even. Down below are some of the cheap mini wireless spy cameras to purchase online.


Cheap Mini Wireless Spy Cameras Under $100 Dollars

Swann Mini Spy Camera

Swann Mini Wireless Cameras - At you can find a Swann mini wireless spy camera for well under $50 dollars. The Swann 380 TV line Max Resolution Spy Cam is a mini color security camera that can plug into a TV, VCR, or DVR to record suspicious activity in your home, office, or for any other indoor facility. It's very discreet and will record in clear color within a 16 ft room. There's a one year warranty on the mini wireless spy camera. The added warranty only costs $6.99. With the warranty included it's still well under $50 dollars. So with the added warranty and the relatively great deal, you really can't go wrong the Swann mini wireless camera. Set it up and keep a close eye on whoever you please without them suspecting a thing.

2.4 GHz Mini Wireless Color Camera w/Built-in Microphone - This mini wireless spy camera is so small that you can nearly fit it into your pocket. It's a pretty efficient color wireless hidden spy camera for its cheap price. Features include 2.450 GHz output frequency, 380 lines resolution, a color video with no delay. It can transmit from a range of 150 feet. It can operate on a 9 volt battery up to a couple of hours. It's a pretty nice mini wireless spy camera for indoor use that provides a solid picture feed. Set the camera up at your office, or home, and keep an eye on someone and be very discreet without them suspecting that they're being recorded. If you feel a co-worker for example is gossiping about you, then the microphone will record any audio. A highly recommended discreet surveillance camera to use. It's very cheap and costs under $50 dollars online at,,, and Xerin technology.

Mace Group Wi-F Mini Wireless Color Camera Kit - It's a slightly more expensive miniature camera, but will still keep you well under $100 dollars. It's easy to install by yourself. Install yourself and spy on anyone you want indoors. It will transmit up to 330 feet with a clear picture of high quality. The channel receiver that's included can set up two wireless cameras to record. It's one of the smaller mini camers to purchase online. It's decked out in black. For example, you can probably disguise this spy camera behind a potted plant and no one would recognize it. It can operate on a 9 volt battery up to two hours. There's a one year warranty when purchasing. You can purchase online at, digital universe,, iUnitek, and amazon warehouse deals.

Ateck DVC 2.4GHz Wireless Mini Camera Kit with Receiver - This 6 mm camera lens will transmit up to 300 feet. You won't have to worry about interference since there are 4 channels it can switch to. It's a color camera that can be used to spy on whomever you chose. It will record footage in a very discreet manner. The perfect cheap hidden camera that's easy to set up yourself. Set it up in your office, or home and keep an eye on any suspicious activity that you suspect when you're away. It's a 2.4Gz wireless spy camera that features a built-in microphone for audio to hear everything that is being said without distortion. The receiver is eligible to use up to 4 different wireless cameras. It's a very cheap wireless spy camera to purchase online. You can buy online at internet security systems and for well under $50 dollars.

LYD Mini Spy Camera with Audio - The LYD is a very cheap mini wireless spy camera to buy online. It's probablly one of the cheap small mini spy cameras to find online. It's so small that you can palm the wireless spy surveillance camera with the palm of your hand. I'm not exactly sure how effective the camera is, other than it costs less than $20 dollars online at amazon. Audio is at least included so you can hear whatever is being said about you when you're away. Not a bad wireless spy camera to try using for its extremely cheap price. If it doesn't work then not the worst purchase in the world.

Cheap Spy Pen Color Video Camera - You couldn't be more discreet than to have a spy pen color video camera. No one would ever know. Obviously the best cheap mini wireless spy cameras are the ones that are impossible to detect. Once it's detected, it sorta defeats the purchase of a small mini spy camera. The Quantum Imports Qi 480 Video Camcorder Mini DVR Spy Pen works to perfection. The mini wireless spy camera pen can operate on battery life up to 3 hours. It's a pinhole camera that can record audio as well. Features include 2.0 million pixels, built-in 8GB flash memory, built in mini DVR hidden in the pen. The USB drive can plug directly into a computer and you can watch and hear everything you've recorded. Works for both windows and mac computers. You can purchase for a cheap price online at