Many console gamers looking for a competitive edge have turned to cheap modded controllers in order to achieve advantages such as increased firing rates, the ability to employ macros, and faster responsivity in-game. Cheap modded controllers for sale allow gamers to customize their experience, and the array of customizations available on these custom console controllers is simply astounding. Whether you're just looking for cosmetic enhancements or upgrades like glowing or back-lit controls to help you play better in the dark, or you want some serious firepower enhancements in the form of burst-fire modes that will help you tear through call of duty games on xbox 360 and playstation 3, you can buy inexpensive modded controllers in order to bring your game to the next level. 

What Are Cheap Modded Controllers?

Whenever a custom game controller differs in appearance or functionality from the original factory-made controllers that ship directly with the gaming system itself, that controller is said to be "modded" or modified. There are several different kinds of modifications, and different gamers look for different types of controllers to enhance their playing style. 

Cosmetically Modded Video Game Controllers

These controllers have simply received some aesthetic enhancements, in the way of either a different and radical paint job or perhaps even the addition of extra lights on the front surface of the controller. Such lights allow gamers to see their buttons and joysticks clearly even if the lights in the room are turned off, allowing for more accurate gameplay in low light situations. 

Cosmetically modded custom controllers can refer to something as simple as a custom painted accessory, such as this Fable game series control that features intensive graphic stylings not found on any other control. 

modded xbox 360 controller for fable

Alternatively, modfied game controls might refer to those with special rubber grips added, to provide superior grip-a-bility even after long marathons of intense gaming have drenched your grubby mitts in greasy sweat. Many xbox 360 and playstation 3 gamers prefer the secure feel of these added grip custom controls because they prevent slippage during crucial and decisive moments in battle. 

Functionally Modified Game Controls

The next major category of cheap modded controllers is where we find the highly specialized game console controls that have received considerable restructuring and re-design over their usual manufacturer's cousins. Instead of a standard xbox 360 controller, for example, which does nothing more than allow you to play wirelessly from the couch, a functionally modded controller adds extra capabilities to your gaming experience that you wouldn't normally have. For example, this 10 function rapid fire xbox 360 controller has a special button the player can hit in order to force their character into a special firing mode that will chew through droves of enemies. 

10 mode cheap modded controller for xbox 360

Not only will this specially designed custom controller allow you the aforementioned rapid firing, but it will also allow you to auto-aim on your enemies for quick and easy headshots. Best of all, you can even program it yourself to ensure it matches all of your specific gaming needs. Xbox gamers will be familiar and comfortable with the layout and appearance of this particular custom modified game controller because it has been based on the original factory version. Cheap modded controllers can be ordered online and come out of the box ready to play so long as you have the proper batteries ready. If you've been looking to breathe some new life into your old games, and you're not quite ready to retire that old gaming console, try the new feel and added power of cheap modded controllers.