One of the great equalizers in this country is the freedom we have to go where we want when we want to. The main thing that binds people to there hometown is money. If you were rich then you would be able to travel almost anywhere you wanted to when you wanted to. You do not need money to travel but it sure does help. Here are a few ways people travel for free. Most of the money you spend will be for food. No hotels or motel costs, no train tickets to buy, and no airplane tickets. Truly low cost travel for the adventurous.

Train Hopping

Yes people still hop trains. It is becoming less common and more dangerous but people do still hop trains for rides. It is illegal but if you do get caught you will probably get off with either a warning or a small ticket.

Freight TrainIf you have never hopped a train before you need to do research on how to be as safe as possible.

Freight train hopping can be a cheap an adventurous way of traveling through the United States. On a warm day when you are sitting in an open box car looking out on the beautiful prairies of the midwest you will be reminded as to the astinshing beauty of our Country. On a cold day when you can not get a train to hop you may be looking for a motel room or at least a place to light a fire and lay out your sleeping bag.

Hitch Hiking

Hitch Hiking can be dangerous but in general most men will be safe and OK. In European countries hitch hiking is a lot more socially acceptable. When hitch hiking offer o pitch in a token amount towards there gas. The best part of hitch hiking is the people you will meet. Everybody has an interesting story and when you hitchhike you can learn a lot about people,.


Walking across 2 or 3 states can be expensive as you will need to eat food but you can still do it on the cheap with peanut butter, cheese, and Ramen Noodles. Walking is the quintessential mode of transportation throughout history.


Bicycle touring is a great way to see the country side. You can also ride a bicycle back and forth to work each day and it will save you a lot of gas money.

When rising you bicycle across the country you can either stay in motels, camp, or a combination of both. Staying in motels each night will greatly increase the cost of your trip. A more adventurous bicycle tour will be the bicycle tourer who camps outside almost every night and only occasionally stays in motel rooms if the weather is bad or if he is in a dangerous area.

There are many ways to travel cheaply and adventurous. Even if you only travel within your state you can always meet fun and interesting people. Image Credit: (Flickr/Heart Of Oak)