Mood Penguin Best Friend Necklace

Looking for Cute Best Friend Jewelry? Try Mood Penguin Best Friend Necklaces

If you're looking for a cute and unique piece of best friend jewelry for you and your best mate to wear and share, try mood penguin best friend necklaces. These cute best friend necklaces feature two matching penguin pendants and are perfect for any two friends that enjoy animals, the outdoors, or penguins in particular. These adorable best friend necklaces are not only pretty but also interactive! Each penguin is composed of "mood" material that monitors and reflects your changing moods via your body temperature and temperament. It's fun for you and your best friend to put on your mood penguin best friend necklaces at the same time and check to see how your different temperaments change throughout the day. Mood penguin best friend necklaces are fun gifts to give you best friend because you'll always have something special to wear between the two of you.

Mood Penguin Best Friend Necklaces are Sturdy and Inexpensive

These sturdy little mood penguin best friend necklaces feature sturdy construction. The central mood elements are set into a cast metal frame that attaches to the necklace chain. You can feel confident that your mood penguin best friend necklaces will take a reasonable beating before they break. As long as you don't drop the peguin pendants straight down onto the ground, they should last you for many years. Mood penguin best friend necklaces also feature small inscriptions. One of the mood penguins has "Best" inscribed into it and the other says "Friends". These fun best friend necklace pieces are a great way to celebrate your close friendship as you walk around during the day. Another great time to give these fun best friend necklaces is when your best friend is going to be moving away for a while. It's never easy when a close friend leaves and moves somewhere far away, no matter how long they're going to be gone. But, when you give your best pal mood penguin best friend necklaces as a going away present, they will appreciate your thoughtful gift and its underlying message: I'm just not complete without you.

Mood penguin best friend necklaces are only a few dollars and, best of all, that pays for a set of two!

What Do the Different Moods Colors Mean?

According to the makers of mood penguin best friend necklaces, orange means cool, green means that you're calm, purple and yellow mean that you're feeling anxious or nervous, blue signifies happiness and dark blue is an indication of intense passion. You can share the various mood profiles with your best bud when you two are first beginning to open and wear your best friend jewelry. Try to see if your moods coincide during the day or if the two of you are always in different moods from one another. It can be a fun game to see how various things you both do throughout the day change your moods according to your likes and dislikes.