With the average cost of movie tickets hovering somewhere around $8 dollars throughout the U.S., there is no wonder why many want to find cheap movie tickets online. The cost significantly increases when you have a whole family of say five or six that wants to enjoy an evening at the movies.

And let's face it, even those cheap movie theater ticket prices are rising too, due to increase in costs, especially during the recession.

And industry analysts have reason to believe that there likely will be an upward trend on pricing. And the movie industry not only knows this, but further believes that people are less likely to stop going to a movie when economic times are tough.

Going to the movies is our collective way of escaping. We look to movies to give us that feeling of getting away from it all, if at least for two hours. So it's obvious that most of us would want a theater discount whenever possible, especially since movie prices aren't changing.

 AMC Discount Movie Tickets

Did you know that you could get cheap AMC movie tickets on Amazon. There is a special now for two Amazon movie tickets for $10.98.

While this might not be a steal in places that charge 8 bucks for one movie ticket, but if you live in an area where your tickets approach $10 dollars per ticket or more, this could be a great deal. Also your local Costco offers discount AMC, Regal and Cinemark theater tickets for $35 dollars. Luckily these tickets have no expiration. So you can feel free to go at any time you like.

 Work Discounts for Movie Discount Tickets

Many people who work at large corporations like AT&T, may be able to get movie discount tickets through where they work. Check with your employer about these deals.

Often times you can get cheaper movie ticket prices if you go through your employer. Group discounts may also be available when you belong to associations and clubs as well.

 Coupons for Movie Tickets and Popcorn

Did you know that coupons for movie tickets may be available too?

Remember that you should also “friend” all of your movie theater's on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. And when possible also remember to sign up for newsletters and special notices. When you join these movie theater newsletters, you can hear of specials and even get coupons and coupon codes emailed to you.

 New sites like Retailmenot.com are also great ways to also hear about coupons for movie tickets and popcorn. Retailmenot.com lets other users provide information about a company when they are having sales and discounts. Users can share the actual coupon code or deal information to other users so they are kept in the know.

Senior Discounts for Movie Tickets

The most well known ticket movie discounts are for seniors. You would be surprised though at the amount of people who for one have no idea they are a senior. Most people assume it's 55 or over. Some people believe its 60 and over. You should ask your movie theater directly because their defintion of senior could be different, though most senior movie discount tickets are at 55 and above. Remember to keep your AARP membership current, as that could be another way to get additional movie discounts.

 Luckily there are many ways to get cheap movie tickets online, all you have to do is keep your ears and eyes open to deep movie ticket discounts.