If you are moving and are looking for cheap moving supplies and alternatives for protecting and moving your stuff, such as cheap moving pads, then your best friend is going to be the thrift center and maybe the dollar store.

It all depends on what you need the cheap moving pads for. If you are looking to protect things because they may need to be piled on top of each other, then you can rent the moving pads from the moving company or the moving truck rental company, but they are really just thin bits of quilted fabric, and some of them don't really look quilted or thick. Plus I found many times they tend to be quite dirty.

I found it was much easier to head to the thrift store or the dollar store and purchase some large towels. Get as many as you can. These are great for covering surfaces and protecting packages that may need to be piled on top of each other. Or for placing between furniture so it doesn't bump on each other during the bumpy drive.

You can usually find large bath towels at the dollar store. These are clean and ready to go. I have also purchased a few of their tea towels for using for packing delicate china. It was worth it. For ten dollars you can have ten good sized bath towels for organizing things in the truck. You can lean more against the side walls of the truck if you have moving pads between them and the wall. This way you don't get any scrapes on your furniture.

Another good use for cheap moving pads, such as towels, is that you can put them under the feet of heavy furniture, and if you have a hard wood floor, or laminate or tile floor, it will help to slide the piece without scratching and saving the back breaking work of lifting it out of the house, until you get to the doorway.

Finding cheap moving pads and other cheap moving supplies, is a great way to save money. Moving is so expensive, that even the moving companies do a roaring trade on just renting out or selling moving supplies to people who just don't have the time to source out any cheaper options.

So, if you have enough notice about moving, then you can organize you move the best way possible. You can start by sorting out your stuff before you even pack it. Lets, face it, if you don't have as much stuff to move, it is going to be easier in the end. Appliances can be the hardest to move. If you can strike up a good deal with the new purchasers if you are selling a house, it may be better to go that route. Appliances have a bad habit of breaking by the time they get to the other end, and many just don't do well moving.

Many times they don't even fit in the doorway of the next house. So unless you have measured for them, and just don't want to part with new ones, it may be better to sell them before you move and get new ones at the other end.

You could save time and money, if you leave them behind. When it comes to bedroom's you can go through the closets and start being ruthless with things you have not worn in years. Go, room by room, and take as much to the reuse or donation center as you can, that goes for old furniture too. If you can lighten the load on dressers, you can actually leave some clothes in the drawers to help with moving day.

The less furniture you move the less cheap moving pads you are going to need, and maybe even a smaller truck. It can be hard to part with things, but many people leave all their packing until the last minute, and as a result need a huge truck, tons of boxes and spend hundreds on moving packing supplies. Then end up sorting it out at the other end, and get rid of many things that don't work in the new place. So, it just cost them to move it all there.

If you can get rid of as much stuff as possible, this will clear the chaos at the other end, and will actually make you feel better. Clutter causes stress, and if your closets are already brimming, then it is time to do a clean out first before packing.

Finding cheap moving supplies, such as cheap moving pads, will help anything else you are taking stay in one piece and not get scratched.

You can always take those dollar store towels and use them for cleaning towels or dog drying towels at the other end. Or you can wash them and donate them. Either way this is a great way to get cheap moving pads.

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