Most guitarists have more than one guitar and they can take up a lot of space. The best option for storing multiple guitars is a cheap multiple guitar stand or stage rack. Multiple guitar stands, as the name suggests, can hold more than one guitar at a time - usually between 3 and 7 for the cheaper options.

If you need to store more than 7 guitars in a small space or in a more permanent fashion then you may instead need guitar wall hangers or even a studio guitar mounting system. 

Multiple guitar stands are cheaper and more space conservative than having many single guitar stands. With a cheap multiple guitar stand you may be able to fit three to seven guitars where you could only fit one or two conventional guitar stands! 

Cheap multiple guitar stands or stage racks are also a great option for performing artists as they take up a lot less space on stage and they allow for quick guitar changes between songs. 

Let's take a look at some of the better quality cheap multiple guitar stands on the market.


Folding Multiple Guitar Stand (Three Guitars) by Rock Stands

RockStand Folding Multiple Guitar Stand (3 Guitars)Credit: Amazon.comThis folding multiple guitar stand from Rock Stands suits any three guitars though it is a bit more comfortable fit with two acoustic and one electric. The stand is fully padded so that all parts of the guitar that touch the frame are adequately protected. This stand is ideal for travelling as it collapses and is made from sturdy metal. 

Some customers complained that assembly of the stand was difficult, taking up to an hour to complete. Others, however, said that assembly was not difficult and that they had no issues. This suggests that there may be some variance in the quality of some of the pieces (such as bolts) that may cause issues for some people. Overall reviews for this guitar stand from Rock Stands were positive. This stand retails for around $64 but it goes for under $50 on Amazon.


Multiple Guitar Stand (Three Guitars) by Guardian Cases

Guardian Multiple Guitar Stand (Three Guitars)Credit: Amazon.comGuardian Cases multiple guitar stand fits three guitars in an in-line fashion, making it suitable for a narrow space such as between a desk and a wall. If you keep your preferred guitar in front and your lesser used ones in the back it is quite a convenient design for how much space it saves. An extra benefit of this stand is that it will easily fit any guitar type with no difference in how easy it is to use.

Customer reviews for the Garudian Cases guitar stand weren't very detailed but they were positive. Less detailed reviews on products like this are generally a good thing as people usually only put in a lot of effort to complain - not to praise. So it's safe to assume that nobody has had any problems with quality. This stand is probably your best choice for a typical triple guitar rack and it goes for under $40 on Amazon. I should note that the price on Amazon is actually lower than it is directly from the manufacturer hence the reason you can't see the price until you place the item in your cart.


Multiple Guitar Stand/Stage Rack (Five Guitars) by Griffin Stands

5 Five Multiple Guitar Bass Stand Holder Stage Folding Multi Rack GriffinCredit: Amazon.comThis stage rack style multiple guitar stand from Griffin Stands focuses on space saving and fast grab and go guitar storage. The ability to take a guitar from the rack quickly is important during live performances where you want to minimise the down-time between songs. The sideways guitar storage of this rack from griffin is excellent for this. Five spaces should be enough to fit your entire bands instruments too and this rack easily fits, acoustic, electric and bass guitars. The rack also folds for easy transportation - a must for travelling to and from gigs.

This particular stand doesn't have any customer reviews so it's hard to say if there are any minor issues with it but the manufacturer, Griffin Stands, has a lot positive feedback on it's other products so this stand is more than likely a safe option. At $41.95 on Amazon this stand is quite a cheap five guitar storage option.


Multiple Guitar Stand & Stage Rack (Seven Guitars) by Griffin Stands

7 Seven Multiple Guitar Bass Stand Holder Stage Folding Multi Rack GriffinCredit: Amazon.comHere we have another stage rack from Griffin stands. This one is the seven guitar version of the previous five guitar rack. Just like the smaller model this one has neoprene rubber tubing to protect the guitars bridge and body and it folds up for easy travelling. If the five guitar rack isn't enough space for your bands instruments then this is a better option.

The value on this rack is even better than the five guitar model, it's only $47.95 on Amazon. Split between 2 or 3 guitarists (and the drummer if he is feeling generous) this is a very inexpensive way to store your guitars for quick changes during a gig.


7 Multi Guitar Bass Folding Stand Stage Rack Guitar StandCredit: Amazon.comMulti Guitar Folding Stand/Stage Rack (Seven Guitars) By Sky Enterprises USA

Here we have an alternative choice in stage rack style guitar stands for seven guitars. This one is manufactured by Sky Enterprises USA. This is a solid stand of fairly similar design to the Griffin models, however, it is a bit tight if all of the spaces are used for acoustic guitars. If you are storing all acoustic guitars this rack will only comfortably fit five guitars. This shouldn't be a problem for most bands but it's worth considering.

Although it retails for $49.95 the Sky Enterprises costs only $34.95 on Amazon - making it a more affordable option for the cost conscious.


Jamstands JS-HG103 Triple-Guitar Hanging Stand (Three Guitars) by Ultimate Support

New Ultimate Support Systems Jamstands JS-HG103 Triple-Guitar Hanging StandCredit: Amazon.comThis unique design of guitar stand from Ultimate Support fits three guitars into an extremely small space. The three-way design of this stand is the first I have seen of it's kind and it offers something a little different to the traditional rack-style guitar stands. The Jamstand JS-HG103 is a very sturdy stand made from heavy-duty steel tubing and it features a height adjustment to fit different length guitars. 

My one gripe with the Jamstand guitar stand is that it makes access to one of the guitars a little bit awkward when it's placed in a corner. A rotating design would be great for this style of guitar stand as it would give easy access to all three guitars while maintaining the space efficiency. Despite this the Jamstand JS-HG103 from Ultimate support is a very cheap, sturdy and space efficient option at only $34.81 on Amazon.


Tips for Picking a Cheap Multiple Guitar Stand or Stage Rack 

When trying to pick an appropriate guitar stand or rack consider:

  • What you will be using it for? If you are travelling then folding racks are a must. If you plan on using it at gigs than a stage rack style will be more appropriate for fast guitar changes.
  • How many people need it? If it is just you then a 3-5 guitar stand would be fine but if it's for your band having the extra space of a 7 guitar rack will stop you from bumping into each other when you're changing guitars.
  • Space vs Cost vs Convienience. The most space-saving racks aren't always the most convienient and the most convienient aren't always cheapest. Think about what your priority in a guitar stand or rack is and choose accordinngly.
  • Shop around. For nearly all of the racks in this list Amazon has them for cheaper than stores and sometimes even the manufacturer. But sometimes stores may have sales on racks that are older models. Make sure you visit your local shops and compare prices with the manufacturer and online to find the cheapest multiple guitar stands.


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Thanks for reading! I hope this article has helped you find the cheap multiple guitar stand or stage rack that is for you. Please leave a comment below if you have any additional tips!