Let’s face it: most kids love to make noise.  Why not let them make noise while learning and having fun?  Musical instruments for kids are great way to let them get out their energy and creativity.  Still, letting a 2-year-old play with mommy’s guitar or daddy’s drum set may end up in a broken piece of good equipment.  That’s why it is great to have small instruments made specifically for kids around the house.  Many companies make cheap musical instruments that are safe for children.

Bongo Drums for Kids

Musical Instruments for Kids Bongos(83006)Bongos are hand drums that are fun to play for adults and children alike.  They are relatively small instruments for adults, but the child-size ones are even smaller and safer for children to play with. .  The drums come in a variety of colors, which can make these drums potentially more appealing to children than your shiny pots and pans, not to mention much better to bang on. These instruments for kids come in all colors and can be easy to find for under $25.

Kids Microphone

Microphones for kids vary in the kinds of affects they produce.  Some change the sound of the child’s voice using affects and some amplify the child’s voice.  Some even have prerecorded tunes built in that children can sing along too.  Children of all ages can have fun pretending they are a famous singer, comedian, or even sports announcer.  There are endless ways to play with a kid’s microphone, and many can be very inexpensive, so just let them have fun!

Cheap Ukulele for Kids

Musical Instruments for Kids UkuleleA great way for a child to begin to play guitar is through guitar’s smaller cousin, the ukulele.  Many people associate this instrument with Hawaii, but it can also be a fun way for children to get involved with music.  Ukulele’s are less expensive, easier to transport, and easier for children to play than the guitar.  They do have a much more limited range, but that is still part of the appeal.  It is not difficult to find a cheap ukulele for kids.  Just note that this instrument is meant for older children, mainly 6 and up.

Cheap Musical Instruments for Kids Toddler Set

Hohner sells a 5-piece Toddler Music Band set.  It has five great, small instruments for kids in one set!  Included are a child-size, colorful xylophone with mallet, a bright green shaker maraca with an easy-grip handle, and a green, yellow, and blue rattle roller, which has a handle on one end and a rattle on the other end that rattles when rolled.  It also has hand bells, which is made up of three bells attached to a bright orange frame that the toddler can hold, and a wave drum, a hand drum which is full of little pieces that move when struck.  This set is inexpensive and fun.