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Do you own a Netbook? They are great for travelling or for use in small spaces like a train ride in to work. Here are some ideas for enhancing your Netbook for not a lot of money.

(be aware that opening your Netbook case can void your warranty)

Bluetooth Adapter
With this handy little adapter you can connect anything bluetooth to your Netbook, like your phone, mouse and keyboard, game controllers, wireless headsets, the list goes on. You can get very small adapters that don't stick out far from the USB plug, making it very form factor. You could even crack open your Netbook and plug in your usb adapter directly to the internal USB port, so that nothing is sticking out. Deal Extreme and Tiger Direct sell several of these for next to nothing with free shipping.

Wireless Headset
Turn your Netbook into a Skype control center with a Wireless headset, or play multiplayer ef="/Vi deo Games">video games while chatting to your buddies online. Depending on the type, the range may be longer so you can walk all over your house while making calls.

Broadcom Crystal HD Adapter Card

Installing this card will allow your Netbook computer to play full HD 1080p content with no chopping, stuttering, or crashing. Check to see if your Netbook supports it.

Touch Screen Kit
Adding a touch screen to your Netbook is a great way to enhance useability. Some Netbooks have lackluster touchpads to begin with, so this relatively cheap kit is a no-brainer. You can pick up all-in-one kits from sites like Amazon or Ebay, or you could spend the time to buy each part seperately and build it yourself.

3g CARD/Air card
If you carry your Netbook with you wherever you go, you might as well take advantage of your data plan with it as well. Some companies offer 3G cards, and some offer roaming data adapters, otherwise known as air-cards.

Additional RAM
Most Netbooks do not come with very much RAM, but it is possible to increase the amount, as long as it fits and is the correct type. Have a look at your system specifications for your Netbook, do some research, and find out if your local computer store sells the RAM you are looking for. Open your computer and remove the old RAM to make room for the new RAM.

External DVD Writer/BLU-RAY
To save space, most netbooks do not come with an optical media drive. You can pick one up from a computer store and plug it in to your USB ports. Burn away, or watch your Blu-Ray movies anywhere you go.

Internal or External Hard drive
You can upgrade your existing hard drive by opening your Netbook, taking out the old one, and putting in a new one. Or, if you don't want to open your computer, you can purchase an external USB hard drive and simply plug it into your USB port on the Netbook. More space means more room for all your stuff.

Video Cable/Audio Cable
Just because it is a small screen doesn't mean that you can't output it to a larger screen. Have a look at your Netbook's ports, see if you have an HDMI, DVI, or VGA port on it anywhere, and then purchase the appropriate cable to connect to your Television. With the right cable, you can easily output 1080p resolution images to your massive bigscreen television.