If you are in the market for a new car and are on a strict budget it can be a feat that causes you to go on a roller coaster of emotions. Excitement, disappointment and accomplishment just to a few. With vehicle maintenance and purchases being on of the all time biggest expenses in a consumer budget, you want to be sure to use all of your available resources before making a commitment to such a large investment. Perhaps the biggest reason to purchasing new rather then used, is the option of factory warranties that offer consumers the peace of mind they need. Quality warranties will provide bumper to bumper coverage for labor and parts needed for mechanical breakdown of a vehicle under one hundred thousand miles and within 3 years. Aside from the warranty, a new vehicle also has never been owned, so you do not need to worry about previous accidents or breakdowns. For those of you on a budget, there are avenues available to you to buy a new car for under 10000.

If you are looking for cheap new cars under 10000, there are a very few options for you. There are two quality compact vehicles within your price range in the 2010 model. These are the base model Nissan Versa, along with the base model Hyundai Accent. A bonus to these vehicles along with the price are that they are both known for their great gas mileage, and in the days where gas prices have skyrocketed, this is an important feature.

Another alternative to purchasing these specific models is to contact dealers with inventory they have not sold. Dealerships are pushing to get rid of inventory from previous years that could not unload. You can find a new 2009 or 2010 model that was originally priced between $15000 and $18000 discounted far below blue book if the dealer needs to get rid of the old to make room for the new. Spring is the best season to look for new cars, because this is when the nest years models start hitting the lot.

Yet another option in purchasing a low priced new car is to consider purchasing phased out showroom or demo cars. At dealerships, they will display a popular model showroom car on the floor for consumers to inspect, sit behind the wheel and get the general feel of the vehicle. Because these vehicles have had a lot of in and out traffic, their resale value is diminished and you can find a new car for a fraction of the price. A benefit to these vehicles is they remained on the showroom floor, so they have never been test driven and are usually kept in great condition.

When car dealerships are unable to unload cars that were never purchased from a previous year, they sell the vehicle to an auction or wholesale dealer at a discounted price. Because the wholesale dealer purchased the vehicle near wholesale, you will be likely to get the car off the lot for far below blue book. By using the resources available at your fingertips, it is possible to find the best cars under 10000 dollars.