Novelty Pens - Gifts for Men, Women and Children

Novelty pens are a great promotional item for advertising purposes for businesses to give away to customers. They are available in differing qualities, sizes, styles and colors and will remind the user time and again of the name of the business where they were acquired. Many businesses gain year round advertising for pennies through the use of these and reorder them on a regular basis to ensure having novelty pens in stock.

Why Stores Use Novelty Pens

Stores use novelty pens to get their name, phone number and addressed passed around as much as possible. People are constantly losing pens, but in this instance that simply expands the advertising value of that particular pen. A uniquely shaped or colored pen will be easier to remember, and will draw comments from people when it is used. Advertisers do not need to spend a great deal of money purchasing these, and by giving away a useful item they will likely gain return customers.

Styles of Novelty Pens

Many styles of novelty pens exist and additional ones are constantly being created. The standard ballpoint stainless steel executive look is always popular but more expensive than the larger sized plastic ones. Funky designs such as space shuttle or bobble head pens are hard to lose and will give the recipient a chuckle when used. Rhinestone studded pens are another popular style as is the wood and gold model which includes its own case. Brightly colored plastic, or white plastic with bright letters are very popular choices. Laughing pens, pens with a clock holder and bubble blowing pens are a few very unique items offered. Pens designed and colored to look like vegetables such as carrots and bananas are hard to forget and will remind the customer again and again of the name of the store that used them for promotional items. Pens that combine the working pen and a refillable sprayer containing hand sanitizer are a newer product that has become very popular.

Shopping for Novelty Pens

Shopping for novelty pens online will bring up several sites that specialize in pens only as well as places that do extended promotion services such as coffee mugs, desk toys, thermometers and banners. Many sites carry a vast selection of pens in many price ranges and provide customization as part of their service.

Other sources for buying novelty pens include local office supply stores as well as companies which have sent out mailings with samples of their free pens to businesses. Although fewer in number since the advent of the internet there are people who sell promotional items from selected companies and pay visits to companies to ply their wares. These are generally local people running their own businesses who receive a commission from the sales they generate.

Pricing of Novelty Pens

The pricing of novelty pens begins quite inexpensively at the price of 8 cents apiece, when ordering a large quantity of very basic stick pens. Click pens begin at 15 cents and go higher from there depending upon quality and quantity of the order. The novelty pens shaped as carrots and bananas can be purchased for 99 cents apiece. Quantity and quality are the two definitive's when ordering novelty pens. The price per item is less with as the size of the order grows, and the price will be higher for better quality pens than for the basic stick pen for instance. Choosing the very least expensive pen may not always be in the best interest of advertising if the ink runs out immediately and it is thrown away. A medium quality pen may be a better value if the customer is happier with it and reaches for it more often and is able to use it longer.

Choosing novelty pens to give to customers will provide a few laughs while browsing and shopping online due to the many interesting and funky options that are available. Buying one that is suitable for the type of business that will be passing them out as well as one that fits the advertising budget is the primary concern when choosing novelty pens for advertising. A bank, furniture store, or realtor would not be likely to use the carrot pen, but would be very proud to hand out the wood and gold pen set in its own case. The florist may use a pen with a small silk flower at the top, a daycare might use brightly colored bobble heads, and a grocery store might have vegetable shaped novelty pens to use for advertising.