If you are trying to furnish an office on a tight budget, office chairs will likely be one of your primary places of expenditure. Even if you are looking for cheap office chairs on sale, you will have to commit a good percentage of your budget to find discount office chairs. The best office chairs that can be found for cheap are often previously owned. Fortunately for the savvy business owner, there are plenty of places where affordable office chairs can be found both online and offline.

The modern office chair may appear to come in many shapes and sizes - and levels of comfort. This will mean a very wide range of prices. Are you looking for an ergonomic or lumbar support office chair, or a more-basic pedestal and cushion that is good on your wallet, but less favorable in terms of comfort? These questions must be answered with your budget in mind, but it is important that sacrificing comfort in the short term may cost you more in productivity long term. That's not to say you should go out and by the top of the line, end all of office chairs, but just that all of these factors should be accounted for before you make your purchase. The worst possible outcome would be discovering you need to replace your furniture a month later because no work is getting done.

It is now normal for an office chair, of whatever quality, to be supported on a single pedestal which is fitted to a base with five castors so that they can slide easily across the floor, and all chairs, unlike the tall office stools of the past, have a back. It has become completely standard for office chairs to have a swivel mechanism and a height adjuster. The less expensive chairs have a back pad which can be adjusted to slide up or down a metal shaft. Even if your aim is to buy the cheapest chair available you may well have to pay for these features. It is now unusual to find office chairs being manufactured without them.

Because of the standard set of features that come with almost all office chairs, the main determining factor of price is the material the chair is made out of. Leather chairs, and particularly memory foam office chairs, tend to cost more than a fabric office chair. Chairs bearing the "ergonomic" title will likely run a bit higher than chairs without this label.

Choosing Safe Office Chairs

Even the least expensive chairs now have to meet certain standards, which are required in the interests of the health and safety of the staff who are using them. This does have advantages in the long run for the employer as well as the employees! There is no doubt that working at a chair which is the wrong height or where the lower back is unsupported can cause, not only discomfort, but permanent damage. Hence the much improved design of office furniture, not just the chairs, and the increased price for ergonimically correct and lumbar supporting office chairs.

Where you do save with the less expensive chairs is that, although they are likely to have both the swivel and height adjustment mechanisms built in, in all other respects they can be made very simply. Firstly the less expensive chairs are without arms - which is often fine for office settings. They consist quite simply of the seat and an adjustable back support. Secondly, your less expensive chair can be made with cheaper materials. This is particularly true of the seat and back pad. You are unlikely to find memory foam filled seats or real leather on the cheaper varieties! Most of the less expensive chairs have fabric covers. A few are made with wipe clean vinyl. The seat pad and back pad are not over generously filled but will normally be firm and perfectly adequate.

Buying Cheap Office Chairs - How Much Will I Pay?

As for cost, you can find cheapest office chairs retailing for around $50. This is good if you consider that prices can go into four figures for a top executive style chair! It is unlikely that you will find an office chair for less than $50 unless you buy second hand. Amazon.com sells a cheap black fabric office chair for $49, but making a purchase online means you'll probably pay a relatively large amount in shipping fees. Most chairs bought online will cost $25 or more to ship, which means a seductive price tag of around $50 is not close to what you'll end up paying.

You can buy the simplest sort of chair at any of the office supply companies; they are readily available at Office Depot, Sears, Target, and more. There are real advantages to visiting the showrooms rather than buying chairs online. It gives you a much clearer picture of what is available, you can try the chairs yourself to check that they are reasonably comfortable and, in addition, there is always going to be the chance of buying demonstration models at a much reduced cost. Demo models are essentially treated as used chairs, and are a great way to save on a chair that is almost certainly still in great condition. When it comes to comfort and health, there is a clear advantage to trying before you buy an office chair.

If you are not in a hurry, then it is worth waiting for the office furniture sales that are announced regularly in the press. These sales of new furniture are often due to a business having over-stocked its warehouse and needing to clear space for new items coming in. They sometimes offer new furniture at extraordinarily low prices.

The alternative to buying your chairs new is to buy them secondhand at auction when a business has closed down. Many businesses go into liquidation every year and this is an excellent opportunity to buy some good-quality office furniture at low prices. Again, these auctions will be announced in the press, so you have to keep a close watch on announcements.