Work or home office decorating ideas on a budget.

Offices need to be a place of productivity. However, that does not mean you have to work in an office with stark walls and devoid of personality. These cheap office decorating ideas to turn your office into a retreat and a place you enjoy can increase your productivity at the office.

Get a FishOffice Desk Fish TankCredit: Amazon

You don’t have to be a fish expert or need a lot of space to add a peaceful aquarium to your office. A small 10-gallon desktop tank can hold a brightly colored and interesting betta fish or other small fish. Add some plants and rocks and you’ll have serene scene to look at when you need a break.

Bring in Plants

Add some live houseplants to your office that are easy to care for. Living plants do a much better job of bringing a sense of nature into an enclosed office than fake silk plants. Live plants will also provide fresh oxygen to your space, especially important if you don’t have a window you can open. 

Play Music

Background music can actually help you focus on work. Set up an MP3 player or radio to play your favorite music. Another option is to play nature sounds such as bird songs or ocean noises.

Make Yourself Laugh

Every office needs some humor. Although in some office environmentFunny office signCredit: Amazons you may have to sneak that humor in by hiding it in a drawer. Have at least one desktop toy or object that makes you smile. It may be a plaque with a funny statement, a toy from your childhood or the classic troll doll. When a client or the boss drives you crazy this can give you a good laugh and much needed distraction.

Display Family Photos

Frame some family photos to place on your desk. Keep the frames basic for offices that have more of a strict professional atmosphere. And of course, include family pets in your photo collection.

Hang Artwork

Cover large bare walls with scenic photos or other artwork. Bring a vacation retreat into your office with artwork that depicts your favorite vacation spot or select paintings with your favorite colors. Not only will you enjoy the wall hangings, you will also get to show off some of your interests.  

Change the Lighting

Many offices use fluorescent lights to save money and energy. However, for some people these lights can trigger headaches and migraines. Overhead fluorescent lights can also give off light that does not feel natural. Changing the type of lighting in your office to something more natural can help you feel more alert and productive. To accomplish this, let in as much light as possible through a window and use table lamps with light bulbs that produce a more natural soft light.

Organize Your Clutter

A cluttered and disorganized office makes working difficult and can cause you stress as soon as you walk into your office. If clutter is a problem in your office, head to an office supply store for organizational supplies. Keep your office clean and everything in its place and you will find the workday flows more smoothly while your stress decreases.

Even if you work in an office with strict professional codes, using these office decorating ideas to make your office a retreat is still possible. Simple changes such as adding plants, changing the lighting, hanging tasteful artwork and keeping the office organized will make your office feel like a retreat while maintaining your professionalism.