How to make organic feed for your chickens

DIY organic chicken feed

Organic Chicken Feed RecipeLooking after chickens today is becoming increasingly popular as people raise chickens to make their own produce. There are many benefits to doing this because not only do you save costs for buying meat and eggs but also you will know that there are no chemicals or un-ethnically farmed animals being consumed by yourself.

By having your own chickens you will have an unlimited supply of eggs that are fresh and will not cost you asOrganic Chicken Food much as they do in your local supermarket. One problem that a lot of home farmers realise is that feeding their chickens with the best food can be expensive. Finding cheap organic chicken feed can sometimes be extremely difficult because going to a retail farm shop or buying online can work out to cost you more in the long run.

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By making your own cheap organic chicken feed you will be able to save large amounts of money and therefore making the food that you get from your chickens a lot cheaper. It is also about giving them a balanced and nutritional diet so that they have what they need to grow and produce eggs on a regular basis.

Raising chickens is simply not as easy as letting them run around in the garden. They must be put in secure pens and also have covered shelter to protect them from different weather conditions. They must also be given food on a regular basis usually about twice a day, once in the morning and another in the evening.

By simply going around your supermarket or local wholesalers you can pick up a range of ingredients that you can mix up and give them for their varied diet. Buying in bulk up will mean a large outlay but the supplies will last longer and over the long run they will be cheaper.

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Buying products like corn and oats to mix into their food is extremely important as it gives them vital vitamins and minerals that they need. You can also give them leftover scraps of your food like vegetables and potatoes or even rice on occasion. It is important not to feed them any fish or meat is as this can be bad for them.

A good source of protein for chickens is feeding peanuts which can also again be bought in bulk, this should  be crushed so that it will make be easy for chickens to peck at. Other foods such as lentils and whole grains are also very good for their digestive system. It is important to stay away from anything with soy in it as this also can have an adverse effect in chickens.

Finding cheap organic chicken feed is not as hard as it looks and you will find that a lot of your local stores that sell that necessary ingredients that you need. You can also buy in bulk online at certain farmers' websites which sell  the different types of feed ingredients at a low price. If you live near a farm you can also visit your local farmer to see if they have any leftovers that they would be willing to give also in order for you to mix these into organic chicken feed.