You have lots of options for unique cheap outdoor flooring, most of which will work in warm or cold weather climates.  While you have a lot of options and types to choose from, it is important not to base your purchasing decision based solely on price.  Some types will work great for you, but others might not work nearly as well, so you really need to do more than compare pricing.  In this article, I’d like to share some information with you about the different kinds of outside flooring options you have, so you can make a great decision.  You’ll find there are many different options available.

Outdoor Carpeting

You’ll find lots of carpeting and rugs which are made to be used outside.  You will find the pricing to be fairly affordable, often just a little more expensive than indoor carpeting, depending on what you want.  It’s probably the cheapest option you will find as you shop around.  One drawback, however, is that it can become pretty slippery in the winter in snowy areas.  I know this from firsthand experience, and would advise you to use caution if you live in areas prone to snow, but still plan to use the area in the winter. 

Marine grade carpet is a great option to keep in mind, although it is more expensive than some of the other indoor/outdoor carpets and rugs you’ll find at the stores.  It will, however, last you for many years and prove to be cost effective over the lifetime of the product.


Artificial Grass

Technically, artificial grass is carpeting, but it is so unique, it deserves to be in a section of its own.  You will find pricing to be all over the place with Astro turf, but if you want something that actually looks like real grass, you will have to pay a little more for it.

For about a dollar per square foot and sometimes a lot less, you can buy cheap artificial grass, but you will have to pay more for anything that looks real.  Not only will the more expensive stuff generally resist matting and crushing much better, it will feel much better on bare feet and last longer.  If it’s in your budget, this is a good option to keep in mind.

Outdoor Flooring Tile

You can find interlocking outdoor flooring tiles and use many different types of tiles suitable for outdoor use.  You’ll find there are many options, although some of them don’t work quite as well in cold climates.  Be sure what you select is made to withstand the cold, rain, snow, and sun it will sure see.

Depending on whether you choose stone or another type, the price will vary greatly.  For as little as a dollar or so per square foot, you can buy the tiles.  Outdoor tile grout and mortar will add to the cost.  If you need to do a lot of prep work to lay the flooring, it will add even more to the expense, so you really need to look beyond the cost listed at the home improvement store to find out exactly how much it is going to cost when it’s all said and done.


Pavers and Brick

Pavers and brick are a very logical choice to make when it comes to cheap outdoor flooring options.  However, the cost of purchasing isn’t the only cost you have to take into account, especially if you live in cold weather climates.  You can use unusual and unique outdoor flooring designs by using several colors and sizes for an interesting look.

Installation, assuming you make a base to reduce heaving, is very labor intensive and expensive, even if you do it yourself.  Equipment rental, additional materials needed, and time will all be major factors.  Now, the good news is that a properly laid brick or paver floor, say for a patio, can often outlast the home itself, making it a good long term option for anyone who wants to do it once and be done for the rest of their life.

The actual cost of the bricks and pavers can be as little as fifty cents per square foot, making it a good option for anyone who can do the project on their own.  In addition to the low cost of materials, it is very good looking and not likely to fade in terms of style anytime soon.  You’ll get lots of use of this type of cheap outdoor flooring.


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Outdoor Vinyl Flooring – Cheap Outdoor Floor Covering

Now, I’m sure many people reading this will think I’m pulling this out of my…well, never mind.  The fact is, you can get outdoor vinyl, just by visiting almost any boat dealer in the nation. 

Many boats have gone to a vinyl floor covering which looks, even at relatively close distances, like carpeting.  This design was made popular a few years back as a result of fishermen complaining of tangled hooks embedded in the carpet, staining, and difficulty cleaning.  The result was a vinyl that’s slip resistant and comes in virtually every color you can imagine. 

Marine grade vinyl is somewhat expensive, but not nearly as expensive as you might think, especially if you are just looking at outdoor floor coverings for a patio or wood deck.  You can hose it off to clean it and resists fading fairly well.

For short term use, loose lay linoleum will work as well, but it’s really not made to be used outside, so you probably won’t get that much use out of it.   It’s just something you can keep in mind if you are looking for a short term solution.

Outside Wood Flooring

This is a classic and it has been used for many years.  You can buy plank outside wood flooring, tiles, and just about anything you can imagine made of wood.   It can be used for a deck and outside living spaces, making it a good option.  Treated lumber is best, but redwood and cedar resist decay and rot very well.  As you look at treated pine, you’ll find it’s very cheap and cost effective.  It might require staining or painting, but it can be left natural, if you desire that look.  It’s one of the very best cheap outdoor flooring options you will find out there today.

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