Oval bathroom mirrors: A year and a half, and all I get is a lousy mirror

If you have any plans to do up your bathroom in the near future, an oval bathroom mirror on the main wall over the basin should definitely be one of your considered options. Such a mirror can add a softer touch to your toilette, as opposed to the harsher right angles of a rectangular or square mirror. Then there are the table top models on a swivel stand that come in plain and back-lit models. Ideal for make-up and shaving, these slightly concave mirrors provide the magnification need for added visibility while performing these tasks. With the vast range of oval mirrors available for your modern bathroom, you should have no trouble selecting a mirror or two that will add the right amount of class and refinement to the room where you'll be spending about one and a half years of your life! Research shows that every year, on an average, each of us could read Leo Tolstoy's massive War and Peace twice over during our time spent in the bathroom, and that's no bull.

Oval bathroom mirrors: Critical lav accessories for under $300

While the most popular choices for spa bathrooms are rectangular or round mirrors, oval bathroom mirrors are also an elegant pick. Depending on the shape of your tub, wash basin and other fixtures, your designer might recommend the use of an oval vanity mirror for your bathroom. And within that category, there are at least half a dozen finishes you can choose from - black, gold, silver, bronze, white and brown. The selection of a mirror, rather than being an independent exercise, must either fluidly combine or appealingly contrast with your color scheme. Being a central part of your bathroom's décor, this is usually a critical point unless you want a beautiful spa bathroom spoiled by an eyesore of a mirror. If you do to bathroommirrorsdirect.com, you'll find a variety of oval bathroom mirrors from between $100 and $300. The majority of them are in the 20 to 30-inch range, but a number of larger sizes up to about 40 inches are also on sale. The frames are generally plain, with no embellishments, but many of them are quite ornate, and priced accordingly. The Granton oval bathroom mirror, for example, has a wrought frame with an intricate pattern, and retails for about $300.

Naked oval bathroom mirrors: Shamelessly frameless

Frameless mirrors are also quite popular in the oval bathroom mirror range, falling in today's contemporary range. The basic oval shape looks very chic without a frame, and brings an aura of sophistication with it. Mirrors of this type are often bevel-edged, with a range of bevel depths and widths to choose from; a gentle slope or wide bevel is more subtle, while a short quarter inch bevel can perfectly complement any crystal-like components of the bathroom such as cut-glass faucet taps or light shades.

Oval bathroom mirrors as investment boosters: Gimme oval your money

The urban bathrooms of today aren't just functional aspects of a home – interior décor for bathrooms has evolved to the extent that more money is sometimes spent on bathrooms than any other room, save the kitchen. The utilitarian nature of bathroom components have also made way for stylish accessories that you could have proudly displayed to the public except for the fact that you'd be naked while using them. Bathrooms are also looked upon in terms of the value-addition they bring to a home's selling price. Oval bathroom mirrors can do much to enhance the image of your bathroom, thereby contributing in part to your profitability in the long run. Though that may look like a bit of an exaggeration, you'd be surprised at what aesthetics are worth to most home buyers – and this is the magic that oval mirrors can bring to your home, whether in the bathroom or elsewhere.