If you have decided to move, then you know the job ahead can be stressful and huge. That job is packing and moving. So, now you need to source out cheap moving supplies and especially cheap packing material.

Many people have used newspaper as a cheap packing material, but then have ended up spending days and weeks, having to wash everything from dishes to glasses and more. Newspaper can work in a pinch, and if you use enough of it, it will protect from breakage, but that newsprint can be hard to get off of things such as dishes. It doesn't come off easy, and seems worse if you are moving in the hotter weather.

If you can get plain rolls of newsprint style paper, (basically the same paper before the news is printed on it) or the type of paper sheets they may have at the store where you get your breakable purchases, then this makes cheap packing material for moving. But it is limited by its size, and may not be practical.

Some of the best and yet cheap packing material, is bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is basically plastic sheeting with plastic bubbles of air. It is used for all kinds of shipping, and has protected many breakables from breaking.

You can purchase bubble wrap in almost any office supply store or packing store, but it can be expensive that way. If you need cheap packing material for moving all your kitchen dishes, and glassware for example, then you are going to need more than they may have in an office supply store.

You can get cheap packing material for moving such as bubble wrap online from Amazon. If yocheap packing materialu get the larger rolls, it is cheaper, and then you can cut it to size. You can use it to layer breakables in boxes, or to wrap delicates up in. 12" x 220ft [2 Rolls x 110ft] Small 3/16" Bubble (pictured)

You can sometimes find cheap moving and packing supplies from your moving company. They may have sheets of bubble wrap that previous customers have used. As long as it is clean it is a cheap packing material for protection of your breakables. It also depends on how far you are moving. If you are having your stuff sent long distance, then it may be better to invest in bubble wrap for your moving day.

Once you have finished with your moving and packing supplies, be careful when unpacking, as you may be able to advertise these in your local paper as cheap moving supplies for someone else who is moving house, and then you can recycle them and get some of your money back.

One of the first things you should do, to cut down on just how much cheap packing material and moving and packing supplies you are going to need, is to have a really good sorting out in your present place. If you are having movers move you, they will charge by weight, and you will end up paying for junk to be moved.

So, why not take the time right now, and clean out your place. Have a garage sale, donate stuff you don't really need. Think of this as a fresh start for the new place. The less you have to move the better. You will need less moving and packing supplies.

So, once you know just what needs moving, you can find cheap packing materials, such as bubble wrap to be a good investment.

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