Of all the paint markers to purchase, the paintball sniper rifle is the maker to really let loose with. Paintball sniper rifles aren't exactly cheap products. They're a bit expensive and in high demand. You can really learn to become an accurate marker's man with a paintball sniper rifle. If you really want to become good at the game of paintball, becoming a good marksman can really help your team. Paintball sniper rifles are authentic and look just like real sniper rifles. So if you want to be Rambo, then you'll find there are some relatively cheap paintball sniper rifles for sale online.

If you're looking for cheap paintball sniper rifles for sale, then shop online instead of at local sport stores. You can find some good deals on sniper markers and save a lot of money. You won't find very many good paintball sniper rifle for sale under $100 dollars. Still, you don't have to pay thousands of dollars for a quality paintball marker. You can purchase quality products that will shoot accurate and are reliable to use. Understand that paintball markers aren't a toy and should be used with caution. Even though paintball markers aren't actual guns, they can still be extremely dangerous when not using with caution.

Cheap Tippmann Paintball Sniper Rifles

Tippmann products are one of the top selling paintball markers out on the market. I think every paintball enthusiast appreciates the find quality and craft made with Tippman paintball guns. The Tippmann A-5 paintball sniper rifle features a 20 inch rifle barrel for increased accuracy and long-range shooting. Features included are removable grip frames, SMG style rear sight, vertical tank adapter, light trigger pull, micro honed barrel, and a hopper is even included during purchase. It's a high tech paintball sniper rifle the shoots fast, and accurate. The Tippmann marker comes with a Cyclone Feed System, which it loads paintballs according to your shooting time.

For example, say you pull the trigger 5 times per second, then the hopper feeds 5 paintballs into the sniper rifle per second. If you pull the trigger 10 times per second, then again 10 paintballs get loaded and fire within a second. The rifle comes with a CORE Deadbox reflex sight with a red dot to spot your target. A gun sling is also included on the sniper rifle. If you like to carry two weapons during a battle, then you can strap the paintball sniper rifle over your shoulder while attacking on the run. You can purchase Tippmann A-5 paintball sniper rifles for sale online at paint-online.com and amazon under $300 dollars. The 16 inch barrel is a bit cheaper and can be purchased at amazon.

Cheap Pro-Team Paintball Sniper Rifles

It's very hard to find a cheap Pro-Team paintball sniper rifle for sale, but there's currently a big sale going for the Pro-Team A-5 Sniper f/x Paintball gun. One of the disadvantages of Pro-Team paintball markers is that they have short barrels. The A-5 f/x features just a 6 inch barrel. Although the A-5 Elite features a 10 inch barrel, but it also cost $50 bucks more as well. It's a fast shooting paintball sniper rifle, and quite accurate. Just like the Tippmann rifle, it also features the Cyclone Feed System for fast shooting. It's a pretty simple and easy marker to use. I don't know if its as great as the Tippmann rifle, but Pro-Team makes pretty good paintball markers. You can purchase online for a relatively cheap price for $399 at directpaintball.com.

Cheap Leapers Paintball Sniper Rifles

If you're looking for cheap paintball sniper rifles that cost a little less, then the UTG Gen AccutShot Competition Master Sniper Rifle just costs a tad over $100 dollars. UTG sniper rifles features a tripod. Camouflage yourself in the woods, sit, and wait to strike your opponent when they're least expecting it. There are even UTG camouflage sniper rifles that you can purchase. Features that come with the paintball sniper rifle include a spring powered deluxe speed loader, a sniper rifle sling, and the rifle also comes with a long range high power pin-point accuracy performance for accurate shooting. Magazine capacity of 25 and its a 43 inch long sniper rifle. It's easy to use and the replica model looks exactly like a real sniper rifle. It looks so authentic you wouldn't know the difference. There are some great deals going online at directpaintball.com. You can even find cheap paintball sniper rifles for sale under $100 dollars on their website.

Cheap Tiberius Arms Paintball Sniper Rifles

The Arm T9 Sniper Rifle Elite is a bit more expensive. The sniper rifle still keeps you under $500 dollars. If you don't mind paying a little extra and want a really nice paintball sniper rifle to defeat other members in paintball battles, then it's a good marker to choose from. The T9 Elite features a T8.1 pistol and a 4x32 scope that can be adjusted within the range you're firing at an opponent. Other features include a bipod, tri-rail riser, an adjustable laser, a tactical flashlight, and a 5 position compact folding fore grip. The bi-pod is adjustable and can be closed. It's a versatile paintball marker that can be used for close encounters, or it can be used to defeat your marks at a long distance. It's not a cheap paintball sniper rifle, but it's going for the cheapest price online at outdoorNRG for $475.

Cheap Palco Paintball Sniper Rifles

You can purchase the Palco Swiss Arms Black Eagle MG paintball sniper rifle for sale for a great price. Features include a tripod, and a 4x32 scope for precision shooting and accuracy. It's a powered spring rifle that's a single shot pump Airsoft gun. If you're looking for a cheap pump sniper rifle, then this sniper rifle only costs $119.99 online at bobwards.com. If you're looking for speed, then the Mauser Sniper Rifle is a little more expensive, but has a firing speed of 442 FPS. It can hold 23 rounds of paintballs. It comes with a bipod and a 3 9x40 scope. You can purchase online at hobbymasters.com. The paintball sniper rifle is going for sale for just $179.99.