Cheap payday loans—they don't exist!!! It is simple as that folks, so if your are looking for cheap payday loans then you are going to have to keep looking forever because the cheapest payday loans are the ones that you don't end up applying for. Its paradoxical, I know, but I'm trying to give you the truth here. Payday loans will always come with amazingly high interest rates and fees, and this will typically hold true for virtually any payday loan lender that is out there currently. Payday loans are essentially small cash loans that should only be utilized for very urgent situations and emergencies and unless you are pretty-much in dire straights there is no reason why you should be taking out such a payday loan.

If you are looking for some cheap ways to come up with some cash then you are not limited to just taking out a payday loan. The cheapest payday loans are indeed the ones that you don't apply for, and if you have the will and ingenuity then you can probably come up with your much needed cash other ways besides going with the payday loan. These are just some of the payday loan alternatives that may be available to you and you shouldn't hesitate to try some of these as they can easily provide you with some additional cash if you are willing to follow-through with some action.

The best payday alternative in my opinion if you need fast cash is the credit card cash advance. Most people have at least one credit card these days and the majority of credit cards have what is called a cash advance limit, which you can access to get cash money almost immediately if you are nearby an ATM machine. These cash advance limits are for typically less than the actual purchase limit for the card and it is important to not confuse the two when you decide to pursue this sort of cash advance. The money you get will be provided to you at a relatively high interest rate but it won't be anywhere near the rate you'll receive with the payday loan. This is by far my favorite method for getting fast cash so if you have a credit card by all means go with this option.

There are still other ways you can get fast cash without resorting to a payday loan. A slower way that typically always works involves selling some of your stuff that you have laying around the house either online or at a pawn shop. This can give you a significant amount of money if you have a lot of old junk collecting dust in your attic and garage so start gathering all that old stuff so you can sell it for some money.

Another simple yet effective method to get fast cash if by asking for a loan from either your friends or family. I know you are probably saying to yourself that you already tried this but in reality you probably have a wide array of friends and family so you should think about asking the people that you perhaps haven't asked yet. The money you'll receive this way can be made to you at almost no interest if the person giving you the money is really your friend so begin thinking of ways to ask nicely.

Once you have exercised these options you can then still try to just budget better each month by spending less. You can also try to make more money via working some overtime or a second job—any method to make more cash each month. In the end the option you choose will depend on your own personal circumstances but I urge you to consider alternatives to the payday loan as this kind of loan product can cost you an arm and a leg.

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