Pedestal Kitchen Tables

Many people opt for a pedestal kitchen table because of their versatility and panache. The main pedestal base is often attractively carved and may be supported with carved legs and feet. The legs may end in paws or ball and claw, be made of metal or left plain. The options are endless when choosing a pedestal kitchen table.

What are the Advantages of a Pedestal Kitchen Table?

A pedestal kitchen table has the advantage of more leg room while seated. The pedestal is generally in Pedestal Kitchen Tablesthe heart of the table, except when two pedestals are employed for support as in long tables. The pedestal will frequently have legs and feet to make the table sturdy, but do not take much room themselves. More places may be placed around the tables as nothing is sticking out as on tables designed with four external legs. A round pedestal kitchen table allows guests considerably more elbow room than with a square or oblong table.

Selecting a Style of Pedestal Kitchen Table

Glass topped pedestal kitchen tables often feature beautifully made pedestals. These tables are for sale in many patterns and styles, from modern, contemporary, everyday or elegant. These may be fluted pillars, carefully handcrafted or carved wood as well as metal designs. The transparency of the glass top will almost guarantee that what lies underneath will be a focal spot of the room.

Wood topped pedestal kitchen tables are very popular. These tables have been used in traditional dining areas for centuries. They are often constructed of hardwoods, such as maple, walnut and oak. They are also available in more casual styles featuring softwoods such as pine. Mahogany is commonly used wood for constructing kitchen furniture. Attractively carved pieces are available as are more country pieces.

Wrought iron and brass are two metals frequently used to make a pedestal kitchen table.. The wrought iron can be used to contain tiles of glass or marble or a combination of tiles and wood. They may be very ornate or more of a simple design. Modern pedestal kitchen tables are often made with a metal pedestal base and a laminate top. They may be a traditional fifties' dinette style or a very modern style possibly with a brushed metal or a glass top.

Shopping for a Pedestal Kitchen Table

When shopping for a pedestal kitchen table size is very crucial as is the shape of the room in which it will be placed. Kitchen tables serve many purposes and finding one that will fit in the allotted area and complement the kitchen decor is important. Round tables lend themselves well to corners and may be more functional than a booth or banquette set, due to their versatility. The tabletops often slide open and leaves may be added to produce a much longer oblong table. The central column will remain in place on a round pedestal kitchen table.

A wood rectangular pedestal kitchen room table usually will contain two supporting pedestals, similar to a dining room pedestal table and can be extended for entertaining or for large families. The pedestals are located so the sides may be dropped to fill less space on a daily basis. Square pedestal kitchen tables are used less often than round ones. Sizes vary, some will be as small as 24 inches while others will be over 62 inches across.

Shopping for a pedestal kitchen table can be completed locally at furniture shops and antique shops. Want ads and yard sales are another site to look for used furniture. Choosing tables online will also provide for a great spectrum of selections. Setting a style that fits the room decor is easiest when choosing from a large variety. Prices will vary depending on style, size and what the table is built from. Custom-made furniture is obtainable and is often lower in price than a premium piece from a wholesale manufacturer. The prices of a new metal pedestal kitchen table with chairs will begin at just under two hundred dollars.

Getting the pieces of furniture delivered to the home is a wise choice when choosing large pieces and in particular pedestal kitchen tables with glass tops. These will be insured in case they are ruined en route and will also spare lifting the furniture up and down steps through doors etc.

Additional pieces are normally available to match a pedestal kitchen table, such as buffets and kitchen sideboards. Chairs may have to be purchased separately from the table. They may be mixed and matched or ordered as a complete set when buying the pedestal dining room table.