Pedestal tables may be any shape of table basically supported by a single center column. This can be misleading though, as the "single" column may be constructed of more than one leg or support system. Generally though they are connected and form a single support.

Why Choose a Pedestal Table?

Deciding what the pedestal table will be used for is the best starting place. Measuring the room the table Pedestal Tableswill be placed in is a must. An ideal bonus of a pedestal table is that it may be used easily as a corner table. Without having to worry about the legs taking up as much room they are a very versatile design. One of the main advantages of a kitchen or dining room pedestal table is the advantage of additional leg room. These tables are generally round, oblong, or rectangular. Chairs may be added around the entire perimeter with no interference or loss of space from table legs. If these tables are round, they often have leaves and are able to be pulled apart to form larger oblong tables while still providing enough solid support. Pedestal tables are often used for poker and other card games as they allow for more people to be able join the game.

Knowing what size of table you are interested in purchasing and in what type of material will give an edge when shopping time arrives. Look around at local furniture stores and antique stores to get an idea of what you like and the range of building material and finishes. A couple of excellent online shopping sources are and - these sites will give an idea of what price range and quality you are seeking.

What Materials are Used in Building Pedestal Tables?

The versatile pedestal tables are made of a variety of products. Pine and oak are often used for kitchen and dining room pedestal tables. Finer grained woods may be used for a formal dining area, library tables, cocktail tables and accent tables. A combination of wood and metal is often used for accent table design, creating almost a work of art. The tops may be covered or created out of glass, wood, brass and other treatments. Occasionally pedestal tables will have a decorative shelf in the midway up when created with 3 or more legs as the column. Oak and pine tables generally have a solid column of support that includes feet splayed from the center at the bottom to evenly distribute the weight of the table.

Metal pedestal tables adorn many gardens, creating the ideal spot for a glass of iced tea while reading the morning paper. Often these garden pedestal tables will include an umbrella that may slide down through the center of the support column. They may have a solid top or a leafy wrought iron design. The design will compliment a patio or deck. A second popular material that is often used in out door furniture is redwood. The familiar round picnic table often built with a center column of crossed legs also is an ideal addition for outdoor dining and entertaining. When shopping for garden and patio furniture featuring pedestal tables, is an excellent site to browse through.

What Are Design Features of a Pedestal Table?

A large central support column must be sturdy enough to hold the table while providing enough support. Often the column will have supporting legs to balance out the weight. The legs may end in a design known as ball and claw. These are very common both in antiques and reproductions of antiques. A dog paw is another common feature found. The legs themselves may be intricately designed or simple. Twisted wrought iron, brass shaped like tusks, and spindles are just a few examples of leg shapes. It is generally not wise to put too much weight or stress on one end of the table for an extended time to avoid wear. Common sense also dictates that for safety's sake it is generally advisable to not place heavy weight on an extended table to avoid toppling it. Beautiful decorative side tables can be found at

Pedestal tables often include additional features. Antique ones may have ashtrays. Light fixtures are an example of a very common addition. Umbrellas of course are often used for outside tables. The pedestal itself is often beautifully carved and designed. They may be painted or finished with gold leaf. Pedestal tables are available in an immense variety of style and design. One is available to suit every design style from contemporary to traditional.