Vending machines are a great way to make some extra money or if you have enough of them even make a living. The problem is they can be very expensive so finding them cheap is a must for keeping your costs down and your profits up. So if you are looking for

Small and Personal Vending Machines

Small vending machines can be found in locations most people would never consider looking places like Walgreens, Sam's Club and even but some of these machines may or may not be what you are looking for. Like the

This next machine is more suited to those wanting to make money. The GF-12 Snack & Candy Vending Machine from Amazon is small version of your typical candy machine. Some may think it is a little pricey at $2199.00 but when you consider a few things like it is new not used and all the money that can be made the price seems a little more reasonable. The GF-12 will display twelve snack and candy selections and holds a total of 155 items. It has convertible shelves and rows, multiple price options ranging from $0 to $99.95 and accepts one to twenty American dollar bills. The product area is well lit giving a clear view of everything inside. The dimensions of the unit is 36 x 21 x 68 inches and weights three hundred and twenty six pounds making it small enough for the tightest of spaces.

Combo Vending Machines

When space is an issue combo vending machines can be the perfect option. These machines dispense food and drinks from the same unit which can be very handy. Especially if you are placing them in a new area and are trying to find what sells best. One brand of combo machines is the Seaga Mechanical Combo Vending Machine with charger that is available at Amazon and for $2780.00. The food section of this vending machine holds 9 different snacks with 3 chip slots and 6 candy slots and holds a total of 89 individual items. The drink section has five different drink selections and holds a total of 155 twelve ounce cans. The handy bill changer which is necessary because this combo machine only accepts exact change holds 120 US dollars of quarters, dimes and nickels. There is some assembly required and this unit can only be used indoors. The dimensions of this unit is 53"h x 38"w x 22"d, weights 285 pounds and plugs into a standard 110v outlet with a nine foot cord.

Another combo machine is the Selectivend 23 Snack and Cold Drink Combo Vending Machine Set from Costco for $4900.00. The snack side of this unit has 23 selections and holds a total of 384 items that fit on 5 height adjusting tilt out trays that are easy to load. It has a bright LED display has simple to use controls for the owner and the customer. This section of the machine is 29.5"w x 34.12"d x 72"h. The drink dispensing side of the machine has six selections and can hold 312 twelve ounce cans or 144 twenty ounce bottles or a combination of the two. This section also has an illuminated display, it has an environmentally safe refrigeration with a 1/3 horse power closed refrigeration system. It also has a built in product delivery sensor that guarantees a product or credit. The measurements of this sections of the vending machine is 21" w x 33.5"d x 72"h. The complete unit has adjustable pricing from $0 to $99.95 accepts coins, US one dollar bills and US five dollar bills. It is not recommended for outside use and doing so will void the one year warranty on the machine and the five year warranty on the refrigeration system.

Cheap Drink Vending Machines

Probably the most common of all vending machines is the drink machine it seems like there is one on every corner in every town and for good reason, they make money. But finding cheap drink vending machines can be a little tough unless you buy a used or refurbished one. Like everything else it is probably easier to find used machines online on sites like,, and even but if you find comfort in buying new these web sites sell those as well as does sites like Costco has a number of units like the Selectivend CB300 Stand Alone Cold Drink Vending Machine for $2950.00 that is actually the side of the previously mentioned combo vending machine.

They also have the larger Selectivend Cold Drink Vending Machine for $3250.00 with ten selections that can hold 500 twelve ounce cans or 240 twenty ounce bottles or you can combine the two. It has illuminated front, adjustable pricing, detachable front grill, product guarantee or credit and a 1/3 horse power closed refrigeration system.

Has you can tell there are many option when it comes to finding just the right vending machines. And if you are truly interested in started your own vending business there are many options for that as well for example you can search for vending routes for sale, pre-established vending businesses for sale, or if you are more of a do it yourself kind of person there are a number of good books available that can tell you everything you would want to know about the subject.