If you like the idea of hiding your valuables amongst everyday things, then here is a great and yet cheap personal safe, also known as a soup diversion safe. These are not very big, but could hold some rolled up money or special jewellery, coins etc.

You can get soup cans that are in name brands, that do not hold soup, but are designed for you to fill with your valuables or extra cash you like to keep at home. You then place these soup diversion safes in the cabinets or pantry with the rest of your food. It wouldn't hurt to purchase some real soup of the same make so that is blends! You can't tell the difference, it is a great hiding place.

Once you have filled them, the lids screw back on, and you can't tell that it is actually a home safe.

If you want to keep extra cash in the house, you do have to get creative when it comes to hiding your money, as to make it harder for an intruder to find your valuables. You can get soup diversions safes, as well as other cans such as "pretend frozen juice" that you keep in the freezer.

These cheap personal safes, can be bought online at such places as Amazon or Ebay, for under 20 dollars. A soup diversion can, is a great way to keep an extra few dollars around the house for emergencies, or when you can't get to the bank.

Just make sure you don't show your secret stash to too many people, just a trusted friend or relative.soup can safe




Campbell Chicken Noodle Soup Diversion Can Safe
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these are a very realistic way to hide your valuables.

If you like to keep cash at home, then getting creative is the only way to make it harder for intruders to find it. They will always check dresser drawers and under beds, but may not take the time to go through the entire pantry or freezer.

Hidden Wall Safes

Hidden wall safes are another great way to hide valuables, such as jewellery, coins and other small but valuable items. You can get ones that look like fake electrical outlets that can hold your valuables. Small personal safes are the way to go now, as bigger strong boxes that many people put under their bed or in their closets are totally portable once the intruder has found them. Having all your valuables in one large container might be easier to find.

A small personal safe, or a soup diversion safe, or even a small hidden wall safe are a great way to go now.

When it comes to home security, all you can do is try to make it harder for the intruder. You need to start this before they even get inside. If you can't afford an alarm system, you can get fake ones that are quite cheap that look very realistic, such as outdoor cameras. You can also use sensor lights, that come on bright when someone is near the house.

You can get small devices with little tiny flashing red light that looks like a security system is activated. These are quite cheap and only need batteries to keep running.

You can even get driveway alarms now that will let you know if someone is in the driveway. Many security systems have come down in price. It doesn't hurt to compare prices, and see what would be best for your home.

In the meantime, don't leave valuables out in full view of windows, and if you like to keep extra cash in the house, maybe consider buying a personal safe such as a Campbell Chicken Noodle Soup Diversion Can Safe and feel at ease, knowing it would be hard to find your hard earned cash.

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