Have you been waiting around for a while for new phones to come out? Finally! The market has finally brought us some cheap mobile phones; I mean cool cheap phones, not the kind that are the size of a brick and have a 2 tone color screen, but mobile phones that have sleek stylish looks and true color screens. Everyone knows about the iPhone, but that piece of cutting edge technology is anything but inexpensive. Apple is apparently quite proud of their phone and sticks it with a price tag to match that hubris. What I want is an inexpensive mobile phone that does most of what the Apple phone will do, but won't force me to sell the car and the dog to get.

It has been a long time since we, the consumer, have seen price drops on many of the most popular cell phones. The cost of electronics has been going down for a long time and the price of consumer electronics like cheap camera phones and cheap cellular phone products has finally caught up. It seems that it takes years for the big companies to pass on the savings to consumers, but that is fine, we are just glad to get a better deal on our favorite phones, like the cheap 3g phones and cool cheap phones that we are starting to see. If you have been waiting for these cheap phones to hit the market for a while you are not alone. Cheap, I say, cheap! I'll let those that must have the bleeding edge technology buy it. I always wait until the prices come way down to buy any new tech gadget. And that is just where we are getting now with phones; plenty of great options and cool phones at prices that even a miser like me will go for.

There have been many of the most expensive releases this year in the cell phone world, but many companies have also dropped prices on their phones this year too. It seems as more expensive phones come out it drives the cost of competitor's phones down. The price of many 3g phone models has really started to drop now that there are many more people using the 3G network provided by Cingular/ATT and other companies as well. The shine on the 3G technology has worn off a bit and now the hardware to use it, the phones, is dropping in price. And that is great news for consumers. The cost to consumers is dropping so now is most definitely the time to buy.

If you are still in a contract with your current cellular company this is no longer a problem. Many of the cheap phones out there are already unlocked so that you can buy them and use them with your current cell phone provider without having to extend you contract. This can be a huge savings for some customers. If you have looked at your contract buy out price recently; you know what we are talking about. Buying cool cheap phones is a great way to keep you looking cool (and what is more important than that, eh?) and also a great way to find gifts for your family and friends. You can get a low price phone that is unlocked and confidently give it as a gift only knowing that the network that the recipient uses for mobile phone service is a 3G network. Previously, this would never have worked since the specific phones were so tightly tied to specific networks.

Buying cheap phones used to mean that you had to give up all the best features but this is no longer the case. Today you can buy cheap cellular phones that have all the extras including: cameras, internet connectivity, color screens, productivity apps, and many more of the most popular features on the more expensive models. You can actually watch video on many of these great new phones. Even the inexpensive pay as you go mobile phones offer the best features now, so there is no reason to give up the features you love, just because you do not want to go broke getting a cell phone. There is a sweet spot in any market for a technology product where all the hype and hoopla has been paid for by those that just had to have the latest thing when it came out. At that point everyone else can have access to the technology and reasonable prices. That is where we are with mobile phones. And they are actually cheap phones to boot!

There are a lot of people who hate to get into these cell phone contracts all together and that is totally understandable. It is a good thing that there are low price pay as you go phones too. These phones let you pay for minutes and only pay for the minutes you use. You basically pre-pay for a set number of minutes and when you run low you add however many more minutes you want to your account. If you do not burn through hundreds of minutes a month on your cell phone this may be the best way for you to go.

You may find that it is a lot easier to find cheap phones now than it has ever been in the past, so when you are on the hunt for an awesome cheap phone, take your time, there are lot of options out there. First you will want to figure out if you are going to look for inexpensive 3g phone, a discount camera phone, or simply a cheap pay as you go mobile phone. Once you know what you are looking for you can start seeing which brands are out there.

It will be important to you when you are looking for inexpensive phones to figure out what features will be most important to you. Do you want a phone that has a large selection of games and applications available? Or do you want a mobile phone that you can use to surf the net and watch youtube videos on? Or how about a phone that connects to your computer and downloads all of the contact information from Microsoft Outlook? Think about what you want before you head to the store. There are many differences from brand to brand, so be sure that you make out a list of the features that you want and you will be sure to end up with one of the cool cheap phones that you will love!