cheap pillow cases

Do you have a closet full of old white pillow cases? There are many uses for pillow cases besides putting them on pillows. There are so many uses, in fact it might be worth buying cheap pillow cases in bulk to have on hand.

Here are a few tips to use cheap pillow cases around your house.

Kids Birthday party activities.

Purchase a package of cheap pillow cases (maybe a few packages depending on how many kids are involved!). Cut a opening out of the closed end big enough to fit over a child's head, and arm hole openings.

Once you have fitted the kids with the cheap pillow cases. You are going to sit them at a table, (this would make a great outside party activity!) and cover your table with an old plastic table cloth, which you can get from the dollar store. And have a basket on the table filled with fabric pens and/or fabric paints.. depending on the age group.

They can now decorate their cheap pillow case, and these usually dry fast, and then they can wear them! Kids love to express themselves with markers and paints, and with all the great kid friend fabric markers and paints on the market, this can be fun.

Wash your Delicates using cheap pillow cases.

Take any of your delicates and place them in a pillow case, and then throw in the wash on gentle cycle. The items will wash without getting all caught up on other things in the laundry. No more hand washing!


Cheap pillow cases are great for storing vintage fabrics and delicates such as Grandma's lace table cloth or Christening outfits etc. Just make sure they are clean and dry and then place them in the case, and then fold the pillow case neatly around them and then you can stack them in a drawer or chest. I personally find this works better than plastic, as it allows the item to breathe a bit.


You should purchase a package of cheap pillow cases, and give one to each family member for their dirty clothes while traveling. Instead of just piling up the dirty clothes in the suitcase, you can place them in the pillow case ready for washing, and they won't dirty up the clean ones. This works especially well with kids!

Protect suits with cheap pillow cases

If you have just got your suit and or dress dry cleaned after that great wedding, and are not likely to wear it again for a while, take it out of that plastic and cut a hole in the top of a pillow case and put the hanger through this hole. The cotton fabric will protect the garment and allow it to breathe. I personally find suits and dresses that are stored in plastic for some time seem to keep that dry cleaning chemical smell.

Halloween costumes using cheap pillow cases

You can buy pillow cases in packages, especially the plain white ones, and they are not expensive, as many people usually get their decorative ones with their sheet sets. So, when your kids start thinking about grabbing their own pillow case off their bed, you can be ready and armed with a package of cheap pillow cases ready for them to decorate.

As in the first tip, you can cut out a hole for their head and arms, then let them decorate them to the best of their ability. If you have an older child they may be able to sew things on the case for a great Halloween costume. You could also iron on decals and any other great ideas they come up with. You can print pictures with your computer printer using iron on fabric type paper. You can get this from the office supply store.

Pillow crafts

You can purchase cheap pillow cases in bulk, and let your kids make a decorative craft pillow for their room. Just let them go to town with craft paints, or for older kids, let them tie dye their pillow case, or embroider beads on it, or iron on a collage of pictures and more. Just put a regular bed pillow form in afterwards, and tuck in the open end and hand sew it shut, and they will have their own personalized decorative pillow for their room.


You can make a pet bed for a small pet using a pillow case. Just get a cardboard box, for your smaller cat or dog, then put a cushy pillow in the box, then put the box inside a pillow case. Press down on the case to fit into the box, then pin shut the opening, with larger sized safety pins, such as diaper pins. Your pet gets a great soft comfy bed, and you can then take the cheap pillow case, off and wash it when needed.

Instead of a cushy pillow in the bottom, you could use a soft thick towel. This way the whole thing is completely washable. This can come in handy if your pet tends to go outside a lot, and is a good way to keep down fleas etc, when you can wash their whole bed.

A friend of mine made a great bed for her cat using a cheap pillow case. She purchased a small litter pan, and then lined it with a cozy towel, and then placed the pan in the pillow case. Then carefully pinned the end shut. Her cat just loves it! But this way she can wash the case, the towel and the plastic pan.

Washing stuffed animals

My Grandmother used this method for washing stuffed animals. She would put a stuffed teddy bear for example, in a pillow case and wash it on gentle. She would also toss it in the dryer this way, and the teddy would come out intact and clean! So, it can be handy to have a few cheap pillow cases around. You could also wash your pet stuffed toys this way too!


Cheap pillow cases are great for putting framed pictures in or paintings, so as to protect them during the move, or lamp fixtures, for that added protection.

There are many uses for cheap pillow cases, it might be worth having a few packages around for any of the above tips.