Cheap pink laptops are very popular for girls in college and high school because not only is the color appealing for such a demographic, but also, who doesn't like to save money on a discount notebook or netbook? There are several brand names that have cheap pink laptops for sale, including Dell, Sony, HP, ASUS and Acer, and in this article you will learn a little about some of the best inexpensive notebooks in this color. As an added bonus, I will also give you some tips on how you can design your own cheap pink laptops for under $200. With all of this information, you should be well on your way to owning your very own vibrant, feminine mini computer.

Best Cheap Pink Laptops for Sale

ASUS Eee PC Disney Netpal Notebook

If you are shopping for your daughter or another little girl in your family, this ASUS Disney Netpal is definitely one of the best notebooks on the market for her. Weighing in at only 2.4 pounds, the ASUS cheap pink laptops cost about $350 and come with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition. They are equipped with a wide range of fun features, application and games that are designed especially for kids. It even has pre-loaded parental controls to ensure a safe experience on the web-browser and e-mail applications.

Sony VAIO W-Series VPC-W211AX/P

These Sony cheap pink laptops under $400 are better for the high school and college girls and even adult women who are looking for an inexpensive, feminine notebook with an excellent reputation. The Sony VAIO W-series is used by tens of thousands of people all across the world and is seen as one of the best notebooks on the market. They come in several colors, designs and styles, but since we are focusing on cheap pink laptops for sale, that's what this particular model is. It comes with a powerful Intel Atom 1.66 GHz processor, a lithium ion battery up to 8 hours of life, Windows 7 Starter operating system, and it's only 10.1 inches and 2.9 pounds.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10

For about $260, you can buy these Dell cheap pink laptops and it will be money well-spent. The Inspiron Mini 10 is a very nice portable notebook computer that comes with a bunch of innovative features. It's equipped with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, a slew of wireless and entertainment features and an Intel Atom 1.33 GHz processor. Unlike many other cheap pink laptops for sale, with the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 you don't have to sacrifice weight for a long-lasting battery. The lithium ion battery has an extended life yet the notebook only weighs and 2.6 pounds.

Make Your Own Cheap Pink Laptops for Under $200

The above reviews were just a taste of what kinds of affordable netbooks and mini computers you can get your hands on, and there are many more to consider. If you want to save even more money, you could just opt to buy a regular notebook for an inexpensive price and change the color of it yourself. This is a great way to get cheap pink laptops for sale under $200 which is not too easy to do when you buy them pre-colored.

Paint Your Notebook

If you come across any good deals on black, white or gray netbooks or notebooks, you could still change the color of it for less than $20 with simple acrylic paint. It won't look quite as good as the pre-colored cheap pink laptops for sale, but it still works and can save you a bunch of cash. All you do is apply about 4 or 5 thin layers of acrylic paint to the surface of the notebook (avoiding components of course), allowing about 30 minutes of dry-time in between each coat. Then when it's all dry, apply a couple of layers of clear coat enamel to protect it.

Use Cheap Pink Laptop Sleeves, Skins or Covers

So maybe you don't trust yourself to paint the outside of the notebook, that's okay. A more practical option may be to buy cheap pink laptop sleeves. There are plenty of colored skins and covers that can be used for just about any notebook or netbook on the market. They usually cost less than $50 and one good thing is you can always take them off if you decide you don't like them. That would be a lot harder with paint.

Cheap pink laptops are clearly a hot item and they probably will continue to be for years to come. No other color can really compare to this one and notebook manufacturers realize this. I imagine there will be dozens more cheap pink laptops for sale over the next 5 years, so you should have fun shopping for them.