Most people have a good variety of hangers in their closets but plastic clothing hangers are usually one of the most abundant if not the most common type of clothes hanger. Unlike cheap wire hangers plastic clothing hangers are a little more expensive and a lot better at keeping your clothes in good shape.

Plastic Clothing Hanger Colors

As wire hangers can slowly damage your clothes by stretching out the shoulders of shirts and widening all of their neck holes a generic white plastic hanger can help prevent these problems from cropping up because they are thicker and spread the weight of a garment out over a larger surface area.

White Plastic Clothes HangersPlastic hangers are also not quite as slippery as wire hangers are and this helps to maintain the integrity of the neck holes and generally keeps your clothing in better condition.

Cheap plastic clothing hangers do not all come in the same style, shape, or color. You can easily find black plastic hangers for sale in your local home goods store, big box discount retailer such as Walmart or Target, or on any one of the countless online retailer's websites which deal specifically in household items including clothes hangers or the specialty retailers who deal only in the many different kinds of hangers such as baby clothes hangers, space saving hangers, or even oversized hangers.

Even in the standard size hanger market there are many different types of hangers available. Just like there is in the broader product line there are clothes hangers designed for heavy garments like coats, sweaters, or jackets and there are hangers designed for smaller garments like strappy blouses, dresses, and skirts.

If you shop around you can find a good selection of clothes hangers for the many different types of clothes you may have. Even for basic shirts and pants you can find plastic clothing hangers designed to hold your clothes in a better and more secure way, to help hold the shape of the clothes, and even to hold multiple types of clothes on the same hanger for ease of storing. These specialty types of hanger are unlikely to contribute to the majority of hangers in your closet but their value for specific garments is immeasurable.

Other Types Of Clothes Hangers - Plastic Is Not The Best

Black Velvet Suit HangersOf course when most people think of high end clothing hangers they don't think of plastic. Wooden hangers and especially cedar hangers are usually the number one hanger for clothing in high end closets and for expensive wardrobes. Despite this however plastic hangers can offer all the same benefits of wooden hangers but for usually less of a cost. Plastic clothing hangers simply cost less than wooden hangers on a typical basis.

The difference is when you start looking to highly specific types of plastic clothes hangers. Joy Mangano huggable hangers for instance are a special type of plastic clothing hanger which is designed to be both space saving and thin but also non slip and friendly for clothes in stores. Unlike other plastic hangers these hangers tend to be more rubberized making them non slip and they are reinforced for added strength. This makes the thin design better for closets and wardrobes but at a cost usually a bit higher than ordinary plastic hangers.

Heavy Duty Black Plastic Solid HangersOther types of heavy duty plastic clothes hangers may also be more expensive on a per hanger basis than cheap plastic hangers but the design is usually more than worth it for the types of clothes these hangers are designed for. Heavy duty hangers are usually a solid piece of plastic which is a complete frame filled in. This makes it so that the outer edges of the hanger do not sag or fold in on itself even when they are loaded up with heavy garments.

The heavy duty hangers are also normally designed to have a wider shoulder area to support clothes better and retain the shape of larger garments such as coats and jackets. Again, these types of items will cost more than the ordinary cheap plastic hangers will but they will usually be less than the cost of a wooden hanger of similar design.

Cheap Clothing Hangers - How To Get The Best Price

Of course cost and price is all relative to where you are doing the bulk of your shopping. If you are buying the cheapest plastic hangers possible then you can probably get away with running down to WalMart and picking up the cheapest plastic hangers they have in stock. The cost savings of finding the best deal online are probably fairly small when compared against your actual purchase size. The marginal savings may be there but without buying in a large enough quantity the raw dollar savings may not be worth it.

On the other hand if you need to buy a lot of thick heavy duty plastic hangers you are either not going to find what you are looking for in traditional stores in your neighborhood or the price will be much higher than it might be for similar items found on the websites of specialty retailers which are selling the same or relatively similar products. The larger your order is in this case the more sense it makes to shop around for the best price but it may also be a bit more convenient for you as well.

Shopping online will give you access to retailers with far more selection and variety in their inventory and this can more than compensate for a small costs savings. The selection alone could probably compensate for a lack of cost savings if you were to find this to be the case. The simple fact is that without a wide variety of plastic clothing hangers for sale you are unlikely to be able to find the size of hanger you need in the right shape and in the right color to maintain the look of your room or closet.

An online specialty clothing hanger retailer can really offer a one stop shop for anything you may need and can make shopping an exercise in truly satisfying wants in addition to needs. You don't need a high end hanger but you do want one in the right size, color, and style and you can usually find this online for just as much or less than you can in stores, especially as so many retailers offer bulk pricing options.