If you are a plus size girl and can't stand the idea of shopping for shorts, and how they bind and you feel like you have to tug at them all the time, then you should consider wearing plus size board shorts. Many fitted shorts, tend to bind at the top of the leg, which is uncomfortable, especially in the hot weather.

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these are really good looking and comfortable.

Plus Size Board Shorts

These board shorts, have become more and more popular as a nice looking short that can go from the water to the beach to the mall. They are made of fast drying fabrics, that don't chafe or overheat. Most have a lining in them, so that you can just wear them right over your bathing suit.

Board shorts, make the perfect cover up after a day at the beach, and you are now heading somewhere else. They are usually a stretch style waistband and then flow from there, no pulling in at the thighs. As you can see from the picture, they can be found in fun colors as well. You can have subtle or bright colors depending on what you like. 

But these are not restricted to the beach, you can actually go swimming in them, if you don't want to show too much thigh or leg when heading into the water, and they do dry fast.


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comfy and good looking.

By purchasing board shorts, you can also dress them up with a nice shirt or blouse. That is the glory of these very popular shorts. All sizes of girls and guys are wearing this style of short. It was a style originally started by surfers. (that is why they call them board shorts) It is easy to get them to fit, and the larger curvy girl, can find them in styles that are just thigh length, or ones that go right to the knees.

They are affordable, easy to pull on, and have lots of pretty and chic patterns and styles. They usually have a pocket in them, so you have a place for keys etc, and yet they don't look bulky. The waistbands do not pull and bunch up like regular elastic used to do. These are designed to tolerate chlorine pools as well as the ocean salt.

So, if you are out shopping for shorts, and are getting frustrated with the styles that require them to fit good at the waist and the hips, (which is hard to do without something pulling at the crotch) then come away from that fitted style of short, and pull on a pair of board shorts. If you get them the right size, they don't look baggy or big, they just seem to flow just right.

Chances are once you get a feel for them, you won't want to wear anything else. They just throw in the washer, and hang to dry (dryer is not recommended for the stretch waistband or it will dry out) but even hanging to dry, they almost feel dry as soon as you pull them out of the washer.

Board Shorts - Where to buy these? You can usually get them at your local plus size store, and many department stores, but you can get a good selection online. They are an easier fit, and in some cases almost look like a skirt.

Amazon is one good place to find board shorts, usually for under 20 dollars, along with many other plus size fashions. You can also try your department store online, as many are creating a presence on the web so they can offer more styles. 

These are simple and yet dressy shorts. Get a few pair, and have fun on the beach, in the water and out and about shopping in these plus size board shorts.  There are so many styles for the warmer weather this year, you also might like to check out a skirtini which fits and looks great too.