If you just happen to be a size 14 and up, then you are under the category of Plus Size. Although more than 65% of North American women are considered this size, we have this label that has stuck. But it does make it easier to find your size in the stores now!

Finding affordable clothing is easier than ever, because you also have a lot to choose from. So, if you are used to basically heading to the back of the store for the “larger” sizes of baggy clothes, then you will be sorry. Those clothes have bit the dust, and hopefully are not coming back.

Ever since plus size models starting walking down the fashion runways, the fashion designers have started coming up with some pretty good designs that fit the larger curvy girl better than ever. You can look slimmer and feel great if the clothes you wear fit the right spots. Basically hug the right curves. These designs are now created to move with you, such as the latest in jeans for example. The fabrics move and don’t pinch or bunch up like they used to.

In the past, they would take a design for a size 4 for example, and just keep making it bigger until a size 18 would try it on, and it would not fit right at all, the styles would not suit. So, there were always those “specialty stores” that had popped up, but they were expensive. But now mainstream stores have found this market, and have realized, just how much money they were leaving on the table with such a large percent of the female population being size 14 and up.

That being said, we don’t want to drain our bank accounts, and so we need to find affordable clothing online, or in stores. Cheap in price but not in quality. Well right now there are many sales on, and you can get some great clothing and fashions for this season and into the next. It doesn’t hurt to shop online either. There are a few great sites that offer great value, and good return policies (that part is important).

Clothing Online - One site in particular that is a good place to start is Avenue Sale and Clearance at Avenue.com! they offer the latest in Jessica London designs and other high quality designer products. Everything from tops, jeans, pants and more and also shoes. It can be a one stop shop, perfect for the larger curvy girl.

You can also check to see if a favourite store of yours has an online presence, as many will not carry as much in their physical store.  You may find a larger assortment online.  If not then checking some of the bigger stores such as Amazon.

Cheap Plus Size Clothes OnlineCredit: Amazon.com

Plus Size Fashions at Amazon Online  If you thought this site was just for pots and pans and a few backyard items, then you need to check again.  They have a huge selection of trendy and chic fashions for any size.



Asymmetric Ruffle Sun Dress Junior Plus Size, 3X, Purple
Amazon Price: Buy Now
(price as of Aug 4, 2013)
This one is under 40 dollars!

These sites and others will offer free shipping with larger orders, so do some shopping from your armchair first, and then you can find the best deals on cheap plus size clothing for your closet.

Just make sure and take your actual measurements, don’t be ordering too small, thinking you will “lose weight” or “work it off”, get something nice to fit you now, and make you feel great. There is a lot to choose from on the market now. By shopping online you can take your time and enjoy. If you do go shopping in the malls, wear your running shoes, and be comfortable, as most mainstream retail stores are carrying plus size fashions for you to check out. So, allow the time. Personally I like checking online, as many styles are available that you can’t always get in the mall.

Did you know you can even get a beach wedding dress for under 200 dollars?