How to Find the Right Plus Size Prom Dress

As a teenager, what could be more exciting than the night of your promenade? After three or four years of constant studying, homeworks and final examinations, you can finally have one night to look extra beautiful and hang out with your best friends and maybe with a potential boyfriend. But before anything else happens, you have to face the inevitable conundrum of looking your very best for that special night.

What is the perfect dress that you are going to wear to yourPlus Size Prom Dresses (35161) prom night? Should you choose a long gown or a cute cocktail dress? These are just few of the concerns that you may face when deciding what to wear for the night. Most people buy prom dresses at boutiques while some opt for a custom-made dress. There are advantages and disadvantages for both options. If you are planning to buy the dress, thinking of the design and the cut of the dress are no longer your worries. However, you may also find it hard to look for the dress that hugs your body perfectly especially if you have a plus size body type. There is also a very little but significant detail of finding out that you are wearing the same dress with the girl next to your table. If you are very particular with the fitting of your gown, a custom-made dress will work to your advantage. The tailor can take measurements of your body to make sure that the dress will fit you just right. Moreover, the tailor can easily adjust the dress if there are some mistakes in the measurements. If you want to apply your creative skills, you can design your own dress the way you like it. The following are tips and precautions for deciding upon what prom dress you are going to wear:

It is very important that you take accurate measurements of your body. If you are a plus size and you are conscious of your body size, you must avoid adjusting the measurements. Measure your bust, waist, hips, shoulders and legs. It is recommended that you follow the correct instruction on how to record the measurements. If you are going to buy the dress from a dress shop, bring your measurements and show them to the saleslady for assistance. The sizes of the dresses may vary among brands so it is best to try the dress for assurance.

Be knowledgeable about your best assets and learn how to emphasize them. Having a plus size body type doesn't mean that you don't have an attractive body. If you think that your waist is not the most attractive part of your body, you can still bring out your shapely legs and round hips by wearing leggings or short skirts. If you have a very prominent bone structure, you can choose a blouse with a collar to highlight your collarbone and elbows. If you are very proud of your well-toned shoulder, wear a halter top, or a racer-back top. A female body shape is categorized into four geometric shapes: Apple or Triangle, Banana or Straight, Pear or bell-shape and most ideal, Hourglass shape. If you don't have an hourglass-shape body, don't fret. There are different clothes that you can wear to make sure that you still achieve an hourglass-like figure.

If you have a pear body shape, you could wear a one-shoulder dress and longer variety dresses to hide the fullness of your hips. You can also wear swing coats to make your upper body appear bigger. You may want to avoid wearing loose jeans and fitted shirts.

If you have rectangular body shape, it means that your figure is fairly straight up and down with minimal curves. You can create curves by wearing shorter cocktail dress and double-breasted vests.

If you have an apple body shape, it means that your upper body is larger than your lower body. You should wear tube dresses that is fit around your bust and hips.

If you have an hourglass body shape, then your upper body and lower body are evenly-proportioned. In order to show the qualities of your body, you can wear fitted diagonal-cut and empire-cut dresses.

If you want to buy your prom dress, or you want to get ideas for the design of you dress, you can browse the web. You can probably find thousands of prom dresses with different sizes. If you have a brand preference, you can check the website of your favorite designer and find the prom dress that you want. Just make sure that the measurements of the dress match your body measurements.

Another place to go to when finding a prom dress are local stores. Some designers display their clothes on local stores and you never know, your prom dress may just be there hanging up in the rack. Bring your measurements with you and do not be afraid to ask the saleslady to help you in choosing a dress. It wouldn't hurt to ask someone's opinion. Again, don't buy the dress unless you have tried it on and you are sure that it is your size. Walk around and sit with the dress on just to make sure that you are comfortable with it.

Aside from the actual gown, you also have to pay close attention to the accessories as well as the lingerie that you are going to wear. Buy a convertible brassiere that can hold up your gown especially if you are going to wear a tube dress. Also, you can wear a thin but strong corset to shape your bust, waist and hips. Buy a pair or two pairs of stockings to make sure that your legs are protected. Most importantly, wear shoes that are comfortable for your feet. Don't go buying four-inch heels if you can't even stand straight after putting them on. Remember that you will probably do a lot of dancing and walking around during the promenade. Therefore, wear shoes with heels that are not too high or too pointed.

How to Design Your Own plus Size Prom Dress

Measure your body accurately using a tape measure. Start from your bust followed by your waist, hips, shoulders and length of the dress. If you want to put sleeves on your dress, measure the seam and length of your arms. Record your body measurement.

In terms of the design and cut of your dress, you can refer to your own drawing or you can copy the design of your favorite designer. Take a piece of fabric and sketch the shape of the dress taking into account the measurements that you have taken beforehand. For an empire-cut dress, give extra half-inch allowance on the bust area and draw a triangle-line on the drape pattern. This type of cut is suitable for a plus size body type.

If the fabric that you are using is thin or see-through, you may want to add a layer under the fabric. You can use poly-satin for the layer, it can be any color. Use the same fabric for both the front and back of the dress. Before cutting the fabric, trace the shape with a chalk (at least 1/8 from the actual shape) and attach pins in it.

Cut the shape of the fabric according to the trace of chalk that you made. You may or may not remove the pins. If you want to be more accurate, leave the pins. But, if you are confident enough, you can remove them. You should have two evenly-shaped dress panels.

Start sewing the dress panels on your sewing machine and fold the necklines, arm holes and hemlines as you sew along the seams. This will hide the cut patterns around the fabric.

Before attaching the zipper at the back of the dress, measure its length first. Next, cut a straight line at the back of the dress according to the length of the zipper. Black and white are the most common colors of zipper to use. Sew the zipper on both sides of the slit at the back. Make sure that the zipper will not show when you turn the dress inside out.

Finally, you have reached the last step. After making sure that the cuts are neat, turn the dress inside out. If you want to accessorize your dress by attaching a rose on the straps; lace along the hemline and beads around the waist, just use a needle and a white-colored thread.