Buy cheap plus size skinny jeans with amazing style and fit at rock bottom prices. Why pay more for the hottest denim skinnies if you dont have to? Being a larger girl who has the confidence to wear body-hugging denim styles is really cool. What isn't cool is paying outrageous prices for one pair of jeans just becuase they are plus size. Stuff that is "trending" in fashion can also be  more expensive. If you are in a hurry, go directly to the bottom of this page to view some cute styles for sale.

Cheap Plus Size Skinny Jeans Are In Demand

Any type of hip, trendy and fashion-forward denim style is what girls look for at the mall. That includes NEW 1826 DARK BLUE DENIM JEANS HIGH WAIST WOMENS PLUS SIZE SKINNY LEGCredit:, leg-hugging  denim bottoms. Not only do girls who love this look want them to be affordable, they want them to come in more size ranges. Believe it or not, there are many, many girls who normally wear a size 2x or 3x that want a pair of skin-tight skinnies. Size should not have to dictate what trends a bigger girl can covet. Plus size skinnies are in demand; especially affordable ones.

Colorful Skinny Jeans In Plus Sizes Are Trendy

One the most amazing thing that designers have done with denim is to dye them in fabulous colors. You can see that denim is no longer the basic blue, white, black or tan of yesteryear. These styles are coming out in so many cool colors it can be really hard to choose which color to buy. Skinnies in denim now come in bright tangerine orange, lime green, hot pink, fire-engine red, turquiose blue, neon purple and so on. Pretty cool, huh?

Buy Cheap Plus Size Skinny Jeans Online

All the great colors available in this style of  denim jeans makes it very important for the fashionista to find sale prices. Why? A girl can't have just one of something she loves. Especially if that something comes in a lot of fabulous colors. Who has sale prices on colorful skinny jeans for the larger girl right now?

 I checked a few shopping search engines and found a great deal on these bottoms at Compared to the price ranges of $49.99 to over $90 dollars each at other places online, skinnies in cool colors for larger girls can be found  right now at Forever 21 for only $24.80. also has some fantastico colored skinnies for girls that fall in the plus size range. *Sale prices valid at time of publication*

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(price as of Oct 28, 2015)
I am kind of disappointed that the image didn't come through for these, but they are the same jeans pictured above on this page. These are not only stylish with trendy embellishments, the price is very reasonable. As you can see, this style goes up to a size 22.
One of the best clothing bargains on Amazon for pants in the slim-cut leg department are the colorful jeggings made by Ashley Stewart. Maybe they aren't heavy weight denim material, but they come in pretty colors with an equally pretty price tag compared to many other brands online.
WallFlower Juniors Plus Size Glitter Skinny Jeans
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(price as of Oct 28, 2015)
These super-cute jeans not only come with glitter and a great fit, they are available in three fashion colors; black, gray or blue pebble wash. They go up to a size 24 and are incredibly affordable