You are getting married, and now you need a wedding dress. You want to have a wedding but you have been given a shoestring budget, and there is just no room for a fancy gown in the budget. On top of that you are a plus size girl, and don't feel you are going to find an affordable wedding gown that will look good on your special day and won't actually look "cheap".

There is an answer to this pressing problem. As much as it would be nice to stand on a chair and have a team of professionals create the dress of your dreams, there is a huge price tag attached to this. But here is one tip, that might just help you with your budget dress issue, and no one has to know!.

To find an affordable gown, that is cheap in price only, not in the quality, can be found by scouring your local "gently used clothing stores". Before you hit the back button, a friend of mine found her dream dress there.

Online is the Perfect Place to Start Shopping

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Second Hand or Thrift Shops

You see, not everyone wants to keep their dress after the day is over. Some just don't want to deal with the cleaning and preserving, and just as soon sell it, or find a home for it. This may not be your way to do it, but you will see the racks in some of these "second hand shops" full of wedding gowns and dresses in all sizes.

There are many reasons for these budget dresses to end up in the second hand store, but what you can do, is find one that fits the best, then take it to a dress shop and get it altered or additions made to it, so that this gown will now be yours with all the original alterations.

By adding extra fabric here or buttons there, or alter the shape slightly, this dress is now an original!. All you are doing is adding or taking away, and just by making the change, this is now an original gown on the cheap for you!

I have seen them in the second hand shop for under 100 dollars, some are more and some are less. If you then take it to a dressmaker, who is creative, especially with wedding dresses, then you can create a one of a kind dress that is going to look chic and trendy and even sexy if you want! People are going to ask you where you got yours, and you will tell them it is a "secret".

In another era, women did not preserve their dresses forever in a box, they usually passed them down or to a relative or for someone else to wear. They were many times altered and changed, so each bride was wearing an original.

So, if you are on a shoestring budget for this wedding, and want to look nice, but need to find a gorgeous gown on the cheap, then scour the second hand shops.


 Also check the "for sale" columns in your local paper. Many times you will find dresses for sale here. Once again, you go and check it out, and then you get it cleaned and altered to fit your style. As long as the basic part of the dress fits you, then you can add or take away as much as you want. Even after paying for alterations and getting it cleaned, you are still going to be saving hundreds or even thousands on a new designer wedding dress. This way you can spend the budget on other parts of the wedding, or maybe a great honeymoon!

So, if you need to shop for an affordable gown, but not look cheap, then check out the second hand shops and the newspaper or even online. You will be surprised how many girls get rid of theirs once done with them. A friend of mine actually got hers in a garage sale! She found it hanging on a rack with other clothes for sale. She paid 50 dollars, got it cleaned, and then had it altered and ended up with a stunning well fitting gown that was gorgeous!