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If you have a home theater or like to have parties then cheap popcorn machines are one way to save money and decorate at the same time. Cheap popcorn machines look just as good as more expensive ones and will work great as long as you take care of them properly. After all, who pays that much attention to how a pop corn machine looks? Most people are more interested in eating the popcorn and as long as it's good then they're happy. When I bought my home theater popcorn machine it was one of the cheapest I could find and still works great 2 years later. However, I always clean it good afterward and never allow oils to accumulate. Besides, when you buy cheap popcorn machines you can afford quality popped corn.

Cheap Popcorn Machines for Home

Cheap popcorn machines come in handy for parties and holidays almost everybody loves popcorn, especially when it's made from a pop corn machine. We all know that microwave popped corn is okay, but popcorn machine popped corn is best. Check out these cheap popcorn machines online:

Once again Amazon comes through with cheap popcorn machines under $200. The Maxi-Matic EPM Old Fashion Pop corn Popper has 5 star reviews from 31 families. According to them it works great, is easy to clean and produces movie quality popped corn. Read the reviews!

At nostalgiafactoryoutlet.com there are several cheap pop corn machines for home as well as commercial popcorn machines. They have two styles of cheap popcorn machines for under $200. They're both called the Funtime Carnival Hot Oil Popcorn Machine and come with pop corn scoop, measuring cup and seasoning shaker. The only difference is color choices, which are black and red. Go ahead to the site and check them out. By the way, shipping is free.

If you want to spend a little more money ($50) the Funtime Carnival Hot Oil Pop corn Machines, both red and black, come on a cart with a storage compartments for stocking supplies.

For those into antique styles for under $200 at standardconcessionsupply.com you can buy cheap pop corn machines. Just look for the Street Vendor Antique Style Popcorn Machine it is a quality replica of the popcorn machines from the good old days. Check it out and see what you think.

Also consider the new Cineplex Yellow Popcorn Machine designed for game rooms and home theaters for under $200 at standardconcessionsupply and comes with life time warranty for home use. This website has a large selection of pop corn machines in various price ranges worth a look see for sure.

One last website worthy of mention is keepitpoppin.com they have six cheap pop corn machines for under $200. Three of them are 4oz and three 6oz with choice of three colors red, blue and black. Added bonus is one day delivery plus buy a pop corn machine and get $3 off popcorn packet.

Cheap Mini Popcorn Poppers

Mini pop corn poppers make excellent gifts and are nice to have around when you want to make small servings of popcorn. Check them out at standardconcessionsupply.com.

Waring Pro Popcorn Maker under $100 pops up to 9 cups of popcorn comes in black and red.

The Nostalgia Kettle Popcorn Maker also under $100 and is considered a classic.

Old Fashion Movie Time Popcorn Kart this is a table top popcorn machine not just a cart. Cost is $110 and available in green, black and red.

Retro Hot Air Pop Corn Popper, great for those who are into healthy popcorn cost under $100.

There are more cheap popcorn machines at standardconcession.com these are but a few. Plus they have holiday specials at Christmas, so their cheap popcorn machines will be even cheaper.

Cheap Popcorn Machine Supplies

To go along with cheap popcorn machines there must be cheap popcorn supplies. The first place to go once again is Amazon.com they have an extensive selection of popcorn boxes, bags, tubs, cartons, bowls, scoops, seasonings, oil, measuring kits and of course pop corn kernels.

Another great place online to get cheap popcorn supplies is acemart.com they have all of the above and then some and you can shop by price from under $20 to over $700.

For parties when you need large quantities or want to buy in bulk pop corn, buckets, bags and other pop corn machine supplies check out av-outlet.com.

Sam's Club and Walmart also carry cheap popcorn machines supplies if you would rather shop offline. To know for sure if they have what you need look it up online then call before you go.

If you want used cheap popcorn machines then visit ebay and Craigslist.

Popcorn Machine Antique Popcorn Machine

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