Want to save money on push up bras?

You can find cheap push up bras online and pay much less than you would at a clothing or department store! I'll show you how...

Finding a bra that fits your body like a glove is hard enough, it shouldn't also cost an arm and a leg just to buy it! At least that's my thoughts anyway. But as you likely already know, finding comfortable, dependable bras in clothing shops, department stores, shopping malls or other local retailers can be a very harrowing process; it seems like everything costs way more than it should.

Here's my solution: Buy Online.

Lily Of France Push Up BraThese days it's almost impossible not to find exactly what you're looking for from an online vendor. Nearly every major vendor has an online presence and offers their products direct to the customer, usually at lower-than-store prices.

But here's a big CAUTION: Manufacturers themselves often don't directly underbid their retail shops. That means that, say, "Company A" won't undercut Macy's because it doesn't want to lose Macy's as a business partner (and you can imagine how upset Macy's would be if all their customers skipped them and started buying directly from their suppliers).

Instead, buy from a wholesale retailer, preferably Amazon. Often times you'll find better deals at Amazon.com that you'll find at any other online or offline shop, simply because the manufacturers can push their products at lower prices without upset their retail shop clients. So if price is a motivating factor, I would highly recommend Amazon. Plus their service is amazing and you can usually qualify for free shipping with orders as low as $25!

Amazon's Entire Collection of Push Up Bras

Another nice feature of Amazon is you can read what other customers are saying about the exact bra you're considering.

Believe me, I've seen women spend hours shopping for push up bras, and they usually end up paying a small fortune because they'll eventually grow tired of searching for the best deal. Then they get home, look the exact bra up on Amazon, and realize they could have paid much less money for the exact same bra! The savings sometimes add up to more than 50 percent of what they paid!

Here's How I know About Cheap Push Up Bras

I was recently helping a friend shop for a push up bra. She asked me to come along for "guy advice" (since she was looking to impress a potential boyfriend) and wanted a male perspective. I thought to myself, "Sure, this shouldn't take long. It's like buying a pair of pants, right? You take a couple in to the dressing room, try them on, then walk out of the store 15 minutes later." You ladies reading this are probably already laughing, because you know that bra shopping never works like this. And you're right, as I spent an entire afternoon accompanying my friend through several stores.

The problem wasn't necessarily finding a push up bra that fit, it was finding one at price that wouldn't require her to pawn her TV just to pay for it. Like most women, she already has a couple of "favorites" that she goes back to every time she bra shops, but does like to mix up different colors and designs, and occasionally try out new ones from time to time.

Maidenform Push Up BraNeedless to say, she ended up buying a Maidenform push up bra (like the one in the picture). She ended up paying about $45 for it at a local "discount" department store in our city. Later, I found the exact same bra on Amazon - in her size and everything - for less than $25. She wasn't happy. And because I like teasing her, I've been rubbing it in ever since.

On a related note, she does look amazing in this bra. It gives her a great "boost" in ways that I've never seen before. Believe me, I've known her for a very long time, and have seen her in bikinis and other bras, and the black push up bra from Maidenform makes her look, well, bigger than I've ever seen before! Not that I'm a spokesman for Maidenform, just wanted to put that out there.

Popular Brands: Cheap Push Up Bras With Street Credibility

As you probably already know, there are lots of bra makers who produce push up bras. And almost all of them offer several styles, and usually several color options within those styles. It's kind of like an elaborate pyramid matrix when you think about it, and that can make buying the right one kind of daunting.

So with the permission of my lady friends, I polled them for their particular favorites. What follows is what they came up with. And for reference (and again, their permission) I'm including their bust size, just incase that helps with your decision.

Wonderbra Push Up BraWonderbra

Wonderbra is kind of the "granddaddy" of push up bras, as it's name is almost synonymous with them, kind of like how "Kleenex" is synonymous with nose tissue. One of my lady friends swears by Wonderbra, saying that they are so comfortable that, and I quote, "I sometimes forget my boobs are getting squished up and out."

Her bra size: 32A to 32B, depending on the bra.

Wonderbra makes several designs and colors, and has really carved out a name for itself in the push up bra market. They carry bras for women of nearly any size, even women who by most rights should never truly need a push up bra for size enhancement (I've seen some Wonderbras on Amazon that go up to DD cups and higher).

Lily Of France Push Up BraLily Of France

I'd never heard of this brand of bra before, but another one of my friends loves them. She has several of their styles and a whole drawer full of their colors. She's a bit bigger chested than my Wonderbra friend, but not by that much (her words, not mine, I have to take her at her word, as you can imagine!). She says Lily Of France not only enhances, but makes her feel sexy. She says this is the only bra maker that has figured out how to make a sexy push up bra that doesn't cost a small fortune.

Her bra size: 34B

Personally, I don't know much about this brand, only to look it up on Amazon once she told me about it. But I'll admit that they have some really amazing products at very competitive prices.

Maidenform Push Up BraMaidenform

I already mentioned my own experience with Maidenform earlier in this article, so I won't rehash the same old stuff. But I will tell you that, other than paying too much at the particular store where she bought it, my friend really enjoys this bra. She says it's comfortable and makes her look and feel sexy. And trust me, from a guy's perspective, this bra will turn some serious heads. It put some volume and curves on her that I've never seen the whole time I've known her.

Her bra size: 36A to 34B, depending on the bra

Maidenform makes some very sexy products, and has a bunch of varieties and colors to choose from. If you want to look and feel sexy, I'd check them out. The confidence boost my friend gets when she wears hers is uncanny.

Buy Push Up Bras Online And Save

Long story short, if you're looking for a cheap push up bra, do yourself a favor and check out some online retailers before dropping a lot more money on the same exact bras at your local retailers.