Quick meals

If you are a busy person that is always on the run, you know that cooking can be a big problem because it takes time, effort, and creates more work via dishes after. We cannot just live on TV dinners and microwave meals because our bodies will shut down from lack of nutrients and high sodium as most quick meals contain. Here are some meals that I have made and still make today that are relatively quick to make (20-30 minutes at the most) and taste great while not being a heat up meal most people eat and suffer health problems with later. Try some of these and see if you like them!

Spam & Egg Noodles

Spam and egg noodles is a great dish that's loaded with protein and carbs for those who work out and need to be revitalized with good nutrition. Spam isn't the healthiest thing on the market, but it does taste delicious. The things I use when making this are a bag of egg noodles, a can of Spam, and a can of cream of celery soup. I cut up the Spam into small slices and put them on the pan to let them grill for a few minutes on each side. While that's going on I also have the egg noodles in boiling water, but be sure to already have the noodles in the boiling water before starting to cook the Spam as it only needs a few minutes on each side. The soup burns very easily so keep it on low heat when you start the Spam and mix very frequently so it doesn't burn onto your pot.

Now when everything is done take the egg noodles out and drain them and then place them back in the pot. Get some utensils and put the egg noodles in your bowl, put some spam on top, and drench it in the soup and you have a quick, easy, and super delicious meal packed with carbs and protein!

Spaghetti and Frozen Meatballs

This dish is another easy one to make and takes no more than 25 minutes if you know what you are doing. The things you will need are store bought frozen meatballs, a can of tomato sauce, and spaghetti. I prefer angel hair pasta, but traditional spaghetti is also great too. Prepare everything by puttiSpaghetti and Meatballsng the frozen meatballs and pasta sauce in a pot and put it on low heat as these frozen meatballs will need the full duration of your cooking to thaw out and cook on the inside. Cover the pot and let them simmer in the sauce. In the meantime boil water and then place the spaghetti in the water.

Be very careful to always check on the meatballs and stir often. The sauce can burn on the bottom if you have the heat up too high, and you want to give an even flow of cooking and simmering for all the meatballs. The spaghetti will need to be stirred frequently at the start so it doesn't stick, but after a few minutes you can let it sit and stir a few more times. Once everything is finished drain the spaghetti and put it in your bowl, and let the meatballs and sauce cool down for a minute and then scoop it out and put it on top of your pasta. For added flavor (as if this wasn't delicious enough already) get some grated cheese and put it on top of the sauce.

Tuna Melts

Tuna Melts are fantastic and easy to make, as well as super delicious and healthy for you. You will need bread, tuna, and cheese and that's all I use in my melts. Other people like tomatoes on their melts, if you prefer that just throw that into the mix. Drain Tuna Meltthe tuna and I like to add a little bit of mayonnaise so it's a little creamier. Once this is ready place the bread into a conventional or table top oven with tuna and cheese on top and let it sit in there for a good 10 minutes, always checking on it to see if it's baking nicely. Temperature varies because cooking in Colorado is different, so just place it at around 275 to start and see if that works, if not turn it up and keep an eye on them. Once the cheese is melted take them out and enjoy! Super easy and requires little effort on your part to get a power packed protein meal.

Ham & Cheese Omelette

Ham and cheese omelettes are delicious and very easy to make. You will need eggs, cheese, diced ham, and butter for the pan. Similar to the approach of making scrambled eggs, you want to start by cracking a bunch of eggs and dropping them in a bowl. Pull out any unwanted fat and mix very well. Place your diced ham into the mix and then put some butter in your pan to make sure it doesn't stick. Once the pan is moist with butter place the mixture of eggs and ham into the pan and let it begin to cook. Have it on very low heat or else it will burn easily. I like to add my shredded cheese at this point, though you probably could just add it to the mix at the same time as the ham.

Once the bottom begins to harden (won't take very long at all) lift up the omelette and flip it in half, then flip it over and over so the inside cooks as well. Once the liquidity of the egg solution is gone and it's hard enough you can turn off the heat and remove it and then it's done! Enjoy a delicious omelette with ham and cheese for your breakfast or a late night snack.

Chop Meat w/ Beans & Bread

This is an unusual creation I made when I wanted to get a lot of protein for dinner but didn't want to spend a lot of time making food. You will need chop meat, beans (I prefer honey but baked also work great), and bread. That's all there is to it! Start by putting the chop meat in a pan and cook on medium heat while breaking it up so it's in small chunks. If you have ever made hamburger helper you are already familiar with this process. Once the meat is chopped down into fine bits take the pan off the heat and drain the meat over a garbage can so all the grease and cooked out fat can be removed. Once this is done put it back on the heat and add your beans to the mixture. Cook for a few minutes so the beans cook up well and the flavor seeps into the meat and then you are done! I like to have a slice or two of bread on a plate and I scoop out the beans and meat mixture onto the bread and now it's like a sloppy joe open faced sandwich in a sense. Very delicious and healthy!

Try them out!

Some of these ideas sound great, others may sound odd, but I can promise you that these are my go-to dishes when I'm busy and don't have a ton of time to cook. They are healthy, delicious, easy to make, and don't require a ton of ingredients. A lot of the cooking is waiting too, so while things are boiling and cooking you can continue to do other things and just check up on them on occasion. Give these a shot and see how you like them, you just might be a believer like I am in how they are easy, quick, and delicious to make.