Rc flying is a fantastic hobby - it allows you to enjoy the majesty of flight outdoors and to feel the thrill of piloting your very own plane as it swoops, pulls off loops and banks left and right. Flying remote control planes is a great way to share the majesty of flight with friends or family members, or to teach your children about the wonder of technology and aviation in a safe and fun way. Although many people are interested in flying their own remote control plane, many mistakenly believe that start-up costs for this fascinating hobby are prohibitive, or that it's too difficult for the non-tech savvy to get up and running on their own. Neither could be further from the truth! Flying RC planes is easy and very affordable thanks to cheap RC plane kits for beginners. 

Why Choose RC Plane Kits for Beginners?

If you want to get off the ground and into the air as quickly and affordably as possible, there's no better way than by grabbing one of these pre-fabricated and comprehensive beginner's packages. Standard starter kits include the rc plane, a remote control, a wall charger for keeping your remote control flying model plane juiced up, and even the batteries necessary for the controller! 

Without a doubt, these are the fastest and most hassle-free ways to get into the air and start enjoying the excitement of flying your own scale model airplane. The rc flyers that come in these packages are desgined to be as simple as possible, and the controllers feature an easy to learn two-joystick layout, one of which controls the plane's pitch, so that you can climb and descend, and another which controls its tail rudder, so that you can bank left and right to maneuver. 

The best thing about getting started with rc flying by using an inexpensive kit is that you can always replace the plane without going too deep into your pockets, once that inevitable first ugly crash grounds your flight crew indefinitely. Meanwhile, many beginning rc planes are made of highly crash-resistant foam to prevent the occasional bump or rough landing from becoming anything more serious. 

How Much Do RC Plane Kits for Beginners Cost?

Anyone interested in starting to launch and control their own RC model airplanes would do well to consider the cost of getting into the hobby. Although, as hobbies go, RC flying has not always been the cheapest on the block, it has become much more affordable thanks largely in part to inexpensive airplane packages for beginners. 

As you can see from the following examples, you can expect to spend around $24 to $90 on a starter kit that will get you flying in no-time. Let's take a look at some of the best options for first-time rc flying kits:

The RC Airplane Super Sonic Starter Kit by RC Airplanes

rc airplane super sonic starter kit flying model plane

This Super Sonic starter kit is definitely one of the cheapest on the market. Featuring a simple dual-prop remote control model airplane known as the "Top Driver", this kit is as simple as they come. It includes the two joystick flight controller. It has everything inside that you need to head out and take-off. It even comes with spare set of propellers and a rechargeable battery pack. The plane itself is made from a combination of tough molded plastic and high-density foam, making it light enough to fly well but tough enough to take a few bumps. Overall, a great choice for the price, which is only $24.99!

The Champ RTF Deluxe RC Plane Starter Kit

champ rtf rc plane starter kit for beginners

For those looking for a few extra features and willing to spend a couple extra bucks, the Champ RTF deluxe package is a great option. It includes a sturdy yellow rc flyer modeled after a Cessna piper cub plane and a simple two-joystick flight controller. This package even includes all the batteries needed for both the plane and the remote control. You can recharge your plane's on-board battery for many repeat flights. This kit will run you $89.99. 

If you've been curious or excited about starting out into the world of RC flyers, look no further than these exciting, powerful and very economical beginner's packages.